Arunava Bhattacharjee
What is EF Code first?
By Arunava Bhattacharjee in ASP.NET MVC on Sep 24 2014
  • lakshmana poojary
    Sep, 2014 25

    Code First: In the Code First approach, you avoid working with visual model designer (EDMX) completely. You write your POCO classes first and then create database from these POCO classes. Developers who follow the path of Domain-Driven Design (DDD) principles prefer to begin by coding their classes first and then generating the database required to persist their data.

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  • Adit Pattanayak
    Oct, 2014 30

    Code-first approach allows us to create our custom classes first and based on those custom classes entity framework can generate database automatically for us.

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  • Roymon TP
    Oct, 2014 6

    In Entity Frame work Code First means ,you directly write POCO Classes. Data base is created from this POCO Classes.

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  • Munesh Sharma
    Oct, 2014 1

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