Deepak Srivastava
What is Fault Contract in WCF?
By Deepak Srivastava in XAML on Oct 28 2012
  • Yogesh Jadhav
    Sep, 2013 5

    Service that we develop might get error in come case. This error should be reported to the client in proper manner. Basically when we develop managed application or service, we will handle the exception using try- catch block. But these exceptions handlings are technology specific.

    In order to support interoperability and client will also be interested only, what wents wrong? not on how and where cause the error.

    By default when we throw any exception from service, it will not reach the client side. WCF provides the option to handle and convey the error message to client from service using SOAP Fault contract.

    Suppose the service I consumed is not working in the client application. I want to know the real cause of the problem. How I can know the error? For this we are having Fault Contract. Fault Contract provides documented view for error accorded in the service to client. This help as to easy identity the what error has accord.

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