Davin Martyn
What is lazy loading?
By Davin Martyn in ASP.NET on Jan 12 2012
  • Yashwanth Sannithi
    May, 2012 15

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  • vani miriyala
    Feb, 2012 17

    Exact answer needed for visitors

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  • Ajitender Vijay
    Jan, 2012 27

    Lazy loading means not creating an object until the first time it is accessed.This technique is most useful when you have large hierarchies of objects (such as a product catalog). You can lazy-load subordinate objects as you navigate down the hierarchy, and thereby only create objects when you need them.

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  • Miroslav Bucko
    Jan, 2012 18

    The “Lazy Loading” design pattern actually equips the developer with the art of providing data only when a property is called for. In other words, it is a on-demand loading. It is an efficient technique to improve performance.

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