Gajendra Jangid
What is main diff b/w ADO.NET and Entity Freamwork?
By Gajendra Jangid in ADO.NET on Feb 11 2019
  • Vikas Panwar
    Nov, 2021 11

    1.Entity framework is ORM Model, which used LINQ to access database and code is auto generated whereas ADO.Net code is larger than Entity Framework.2.The main and the only benefit of Entity framework is it auto-generates code for the Model (middle layer), Data Access Layer and mapping code, thus reducing a lot of development time.3.Entity Framework is a wrapper for ADO.NET. There is nearly no difference between those two in performance (maybe Entity framework is littel bit slower).4.But ADO.Net is faster than Entity framework as Entity framework uses ADO.Net in background.

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  • Mahesh Chand
    Jul, 2021 25

    As Kiran said, it saves you time to create your own DB access layer and database. The code is generated automatically.

    In ADO.NET, you will have to write code by yourself.

    Benefit of EF is, it saves time and the quality of the code is optimized, high performance, and efficient.

    Benefit of ADO.NET is, its flexible and you can see what code is there. Its easy to modify the code. ADO.NET performance is also better than EF.

    One challenge with EF is, if multiple teams are working on same DB layer, rebulding the DB Layer can be tricky.

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  • Kiran Mohanty
    Sep, 2020 2

    Entity frame is a code fast approach. Before running our application, if database is not created, as soon as application runs , it created database for us. We dont need to create SQL/ Oracle connection instances for any operation, as we do in ADO.Net .

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