What is MVC Architecture? (Model – View – Controller)- ASP.NET C#?
By RAHUL DEOLE in ASP.NET on Jan 08 2014
  • Manav Pandya
    Nov, 2016 11

    Its just and seperation concern of code by : Models Views ControllerTo remove data abmibiguity and increase performance and security

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    The best tutorial for beginnerhttp://www.codeproject.com/Articles/866143/Learn-MVC-Project-in-days-Day

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  • Khan Abrar Ahmed
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    please refer 1.http://www.asp.net/mvc 2.http://www.codeproject.com/Articles/613682/Your-first-program-using-MVC-pattern-with-Csharp-W

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    What is MVC Architecture? (Model – View – Controller)

    MVC is triangular Architecture in which we split the Complex project into 3 parts like – M –Model (Database work), V-view (User Interface Development), C-Controller (Application Development) so, team members can work and in their parts without any dependency.

     In MVC Architecture as Triangular Architecture view sends update to controller, controller updates models and view gets updated directly from model


    Model:It handles data processing and database works part. Model processes events sent by controller. After processing these events then it sends processed data to controller .

    View:View prepares an interface to show to the user. Controller or model tells view what to show to the user..

    Controller:- controller is like brain of the system. That is right. Because it processes every request, prepares other parts of the system like model and view.

    As an example you can think like eyes of a human stands for view, brain stands for controller and neutral system of a body stands for model.

    Advatages of MVC pattern -To summarize, the MVC pattern brings modularity to application developers and it enables:

    ·Reusable and extendable code.

    ·Separation of view logic from business logic.

    ·Allow simultaneous work between developers who are responsible for different components (such as UI layer and core logic).

    ·Easier to maintain.

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