Sagar Lad
What is namespace in python?

What is namespace in python ? Can you explain in detail about best practices of using namespace in python ?

By Sagar Lad in Python on Aug 03 2021
  • John Blint
    Dec, 2021 14

    A namespace is a system that has a unique name for each and every object in Python. An object might be a variable or a method. Python itself maintains a namespace in the form of a Python dictionary. Let’s go through an example, a directory-file system structure in computers. Needless to say, that one can have multiple directories having a file with the same name inside every directory. But one can get directed to the file, one wishes, just by specifying the absolute path to the file.

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  • Md Sarfaraj
    Aug, 2021 18

    Hello Sagar,
    Please check out the below link maybe it will help you.

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