Akshay Deshmukh
What is .NET Core?
By Akshay Deshmukh in .NET Core on Jul 12 2017
  • Akshay Deshmukh
    Jul, 2017 12

    .NET Core is a new version of.NET. Highlights of .NET Core: 1. Cross-platform: Runs on Windows, mac and Linux. 2. Open source: The.NET Core platform is open source, using MIT and Apache 2 licenses. 3. Flexibility in deployment: Can be included in developed app or installed individually. 4. Command-line tools: Huge set of Commands are available. 5. Compatibility: It is compatible with .NET Framework, Xamarin and Mono, via the .NET Standard Library.

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  • aftab ahmad
    Oct, 2020 25

    Dotnet Core is named “Core” as it contains the core features from the Dotnet Framework, for both the runtime and framework libraries Dotnet Core is an open-source, cross-platform, a high-performance framework for building modern, cloud-based, Internet-connected applications.

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  • Ajinkyasingh Bais
    Oct, 2019 14

    .Net core is a modular, cross platform and open source framework that is used to build windows, web and mobile application for window, linux and other OS.

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  • Sivakumar Koneti
    May, 2019 12

    .NET Core is an open-source, general-purpose development platform maintained by Microsoft and the .NET community on GitHub. It's cross-platform (supporting Windows, macOS, and Linux) and can be used to build device, cloud, and IoT applications.

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  • vibhu maheshwari
    May, 2019 3


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  • Saikumar Putta
    Jan, 2019 20

    Multi browser support

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