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Dineshbabu P
What is OAuth? How can we implement?

OAuth stands for Open Authorization. It is an open standard for token-based authentication and authorization.
OAuth provides client applications a “secure delegated access” to server resources on behalf of a resource owner.
While creating MVC applications we might see the click here to login with external links such as Google, Facebook, twitter, Linkedin etc.,. So in order to use these external links, we need to authencate the users with third party resources, as they provide access in order to use their websites to login with our applications.

For more information please check on this link:

By Dineshbabu P in .NET onSep 24 2019
  • Shrimant Telgave
    Oct, 2019 4

    what is OAuth. Suppose user has some resources stored on the server and there is a third party application which wants’ to access these user resources. This is a scenario which we might have encountered many times in our lives. Let’s say we have got some really cool pictures in Flickr that we want to share with our Facebook friends. We go to Facebook which redirects us to Flickr where we provide our authentication details and we are done. The great thing in all this is that we never need to share our Flickr details with Facebook.This is an example of OAuth authorization.

    More detail to implement OAuth in MVC 5:
    OAuth 2 Implementation(MSDN)

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