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vikas kumar
what is provider?
By vikas kumar in ADO.NET onAug 29 2010
  • Manoranjan charty
    Sep, 2010 23

    providers(native protocols) are connection-oriented implementation,it maintains database connectivity. depending of database provider name are different
    Microsoft is providing different .net data provider with .net

    1. data provider
    2. data provider
    3. data provider
    4. data provider
    [ is deprecated from .Net4.0]a
    provider name will specify databse for which connection is required 

    • msdaora.1--------------->Oracle
    • sqloledb.1--------------->SQLServer
    • microsoft.jet.Oledb.4.0---->Access 2003
    • microsoft.ace.oledb.12.0---->Access 2007


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  • Manikavelu Velayutham
    Sep, 2010 1

    Provider - Various providers are available in dotnet to connect to the database as below

    • Sql Server Provider
    • Oracle Provider
    • ODBC Provider

    Various providers are selected based on the database. You can get more details about this in the MSDN.

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