Gowtham Rajamanickam
What Is Query Throttling?
By Gowtham Rajamanickam in .NET on Apr 21 2015
  • Gowtham Rajamanickam
    Apr, 2015 21

    Query throttling is a new administrative feature in SharePoint 2010. It allows farm administrators to mitigate the performance issues associated with large lists by restricting the number of items that can be accessed when you execute a query (known as the list view threshold). By default, this limit is set to 5,000 items for regular users and 20,000 items for users in an administrator role. If a query exceeds this limit, an exception is thrown and no results are returned to the calling code. Out-of-the-box, SharePoint list views manage throttled results by returning a subset of the query results, together with a warning message that some results were not retrieved. Farm administrators can use the Central Administration Web site to configure query throttling for each Web application in various ways.

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  • Luther Howard
    Dec, 2016 5

    Query uses Adaptive Query Throttling to address performance concerns when executing queries on live transactional systems. Winshuttle Query addresses this issue in a unique way by allocating only available computing resources to execute queries in the live SAP system. Using a patent-pending Adaptive Query Throttling™ technology, Query dynamically optimizes the execution of the queries based on the current load on the SAP server at any given time. The available server resources are calculated from the total number of open dialog processes. When over 50 percent of the dialog processes on the SAP system are available, the query is executed at full speed. However, when the available server load starts falling below 50 percent, the execution of the query is slowed down. Visit http://mightyessays.com

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