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what is the component of
By Parag Solanki in ASP.NET on Jul 31 2011
  • Vara Prasad
    Nov, 2011 3

    Amazing ASP.NET components

    GetComponent is a new ASP.NET component development vendor brand specializing in design and development of user interface (UI) and data visualization application for the Microsoft ASP.NET platform. ASP.NET component development is something we know everything about and we are ready to share this knowledge with our customers.

    Being a professional ASP.NET component development team, we are dedicated to creating high quality components which make our clients work more efficient. With us you can concentrate on your business and forget about issues that have been taken care of by our team.

    Main Benefits:

    • Design Time - supports component properties customization in IDE (development phase)
    • Action Lists - smart task organization
    • Theme able - set predefined styles (XP, Windows2003, etc.)
    • Support templates - choose preferable template for data presentation
    • Cross browser - supports all major browser engines 
    • Fully customizable - no coding required
    • Flexible cost policy – compare with our competitors!

    All our components give you the possibility to build professional applications reducing development time and cost. You can develop in the "one-click programming" paradigm borders.

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  • ayala green
    Sep, 2011 22

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  • ayala green
    Sep, 2011 22

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  • Chirag Solanki
    Aug, 2011 24

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    Aug, 2011 6

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