Amit Kumar
What is the difference between C# 3.5 and C# 4.0?
By Amit Kumar in C# on Oct 24 2012
  • Shraban
    Feb, 2016 4

    1) C# 4.0 supports dynamic programming through dynamic objects.C# 3.5 does not support dynamic programming. 2) In C# 4.0, dynamic keyword is associated with objects to represent them as dynamic objects. The dynamic keyword is not recognized in C# 3.5. 3) C# 4.0 allows creation of dynamic variables. Dynamic variables cannot be created in C# 3.5. 4) In C# 4.0, the method parameters can be specified with default values using optional parameters. In C# 3.5, method parameters cannot be specified with default values. C# 3.5 does not support optional parameters. 5) The COM object's indexed properties are recognized in C# 4.0. The COM object's indexed properties are not recognized in C# 3.5. 6) C# 4.0 enhances Generics by introducing co-variance and contra-variance. Co-variance and contra-variance are not supported in Generics of C# 3.5.

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    Apr, 2015 22

    the main difference is that Named parameters, dynamic keywords, Object indexed properties, Co-variance and Contravariance were introduced in 4.0, which were not in 3.5.

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  • Rakesh Shinde
    Apr, 2013 23

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