Deepak  Kamboj
What is the difference between int and int32?
By Deepak Kamboj in ADO.NET on Jul 01 2013
  • Poornima
    Aug, 2013 6

    int is the alias name for int32 in C#

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  • Bharathi Raja
    Jan, 2018 20

    Int16: 2 bytes Int32 and int: 4 bytes Int64 : 8 bytes

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  • Sagar Naikele
    Sep, 2016 21

    int is a primitive type allowed by the C# compiler, whereas Int32 is the Framework Class Library type (available across languages that abide by CLS). in c# we write int and in we write integer

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  • Suresh Babu Maddela
    Aug, 2016 22

    int32 allows null values where as int doesnt allow null values

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  • Deeksha Pandit
    Jun, 2016 17

    Difference between int and Int32:int is an alias name for Int32. it is short cut to right System.Int32 in c#. both can be used in your program.

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  • Sunil Babu
    Apr, 2016 3

    int is 64bit and int32 is 32bit

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  • Srinivas Pabballa
    Aug, 2015 28

    int is a primitive data type in c# .net language System.Int32 refers the base class of int in c# .net This System.Int32 is base type for all the .net languages such as integer in and also other all the .net languages to find out the base type of a data type we use typeof constant as like below Console.WriteLine(typeof(int)) typeof is a constant which will return the base type of the given data type

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  • Pramod Lawate
    Aug, 2013 26

    For the Declaration Purpose we used int like int i = 1; but for the conversion purpose we have to use Convert.Int32(); Function because int32 is CTS function.

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  • Sonali Chougule
    Aug, 2013 19

    "int" is a data type keyword defined by the language, C#. Int32 is a data type defined by the .NET Common Type System (CTS).

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  • Sreekanth Reddy
    Jul, 2013 9

    System is a base class for i=10;from the above instead of "int" i can write "system.int32" where system is a pre defined class.

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