Khaja Moizuddin
what is the difference between PUT and POST Request in WebAPI?
By Khaja Moizuddin in .NET on Dec 10 2016
  • Khaja Moizuddin
    Dec, 2016 10

    PUt is used for update and POST is used to submit the request

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  • Gnanavel Sekar
    Feb, 2017 20

    PUT puts a file or resource at a specific URI, and exactly at that URI. If there's already a file or resource at that URI, PUT replaces that file or resource. If there is no file or resource there, PUT creates one. PUT is idempotent, but paradoxically PUT responses are not cacheable.POST sends data to a specific URI and expects the resource at that URI to handle the request. The web server at this point can determine what to do with the data in the context of the specified resource. The POST method is not idempotent, however POST responses are cacheable so long as the server sets the appropriate Cache-Control and Expires headers.

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