Sanjay Sabariya
What is the main difference between @Html.Partial and @Html.RenderPartial in MVC
By Sanjay Sabariya in ASP.NET on May 22 2015
  • Vignesh Mani
    Jun, 2015 19

    @Html.Partial is a return type and can store return value to a string.@Html.RenderPartial is a no return type. it is a void. It directly execute where we call inside normal view.

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  • Sanjay Sabariya
    May, 2015 22

    @Html.Partial as HTML code copied into the parent page and @Html.RenderPartial as an .ascx user control incorporated into the parent page. '@Html.Partial' returns a html encoded string that gets constructed inline with the parent. It accesses the parent's model.'@Html.RenderPartial' returns the equivalent of a .ascx user control. It gets its own copy of the page's ViewDataDictionary and changes made to the RenderPartial's ViewData do not effect the parent's ViewData.

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  • Sreekanth Reddy
    Jun, 2015 16

    @Html.Partial("partialviewname")--> returns MVC HTML string.@Html.RenderPartial("partialviewname")-->return type will be void(changes will not effect).

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  • Khan Abrar Ahmed
    Jun, 2015 16

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