What is the main reason of using .Net core rather than MVC
By Vikas in .NET Core on Mar 23 2021
  • Abhinav Abhishek
    Apr, 2021 4

    The main reason of .Net core is cross platform support that enables the application to run on Windows, Mac and Linux OS whereas MVC application can be run only on Windows.

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  • Jitendra Bansiwal
    May, 2021 5

    Main reason of using .Net core rather than MVC

    1. open-source
      2.cross-platform and high performance platform that allow you to build modern, Internet-connected and cloud enabled applications
    2. build web application, IoT (Internet of things) apps, services and mobile Backends.
    3. You can do your development on Linux, Windows and MacOS.

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  • Yusuf Sule
    Apr, 2021 22

    For me, it's the cross-platform and IoC

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  • Udit Chauhan
    Apr, 2021 13

    Open source, Cross platform.

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  • manikandan r
    Apr, 2021 11

      • Best for New Project development since it is the newer version
      • Cross platform support
      • In-built Dependency Injection
      • Support for Microservices & its deployment
      • Lightweight CLI
      • Flexible deployment - Self host or Cloud

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  • Abhi YG
    Apr, 2021 10

    .Net core has following benefits over .NET framework

    1. Cross platform support
    2. Best suited for developing scalable & independent microservices
    3. Built in Dependency injection
    4. Open source
    5. CLI support
    6. Self contained - Does not require any software to be installed on target machine/server
    7. Low cost- Runs on VS code.

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