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Rajesh Gami
What is the meaning of Unobtrusive JavaScript?
By Rajesh Gami in .NET onApr 14 2018
  • Rajesh Gami
    Apr, 2018 14

    This is a general term for conveying a general philosophy, similar to the term REST (Representational State Transfer).Eg: Instead of using events like onclick and onsubmit, the unobtrusive JavaScript attaches to elements by their ID or class based on the HTML5 data- attributes.

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  • Shivam Shukla
    Jun, 2018 27

    Unobtrusive JavaScript is a general approach to the use of JavaScript in web pages. Though the term is not formally defined, its basic principles are generally understood to include: Separation of functionality (the "behavior layer") from a Web page's structure/content and presentation.For more details wiki Link for the same:

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  • Gajanan Chavhan
    Jun, 2018 25

    it is the way by which we can decouple JavaScript logic from presentation layer. eg instead of binding onclick Event inline l, we can use class or id attribute to bind onclick event in JavaScript

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