Santosh Kumar Adidawarpu
What is the use of angular.noop in Angular 1.*?
By Santosh Kumar Adidawarpu in Angular on Nov 16 2017
  • Gajendra Jangid
    Jan, 2018 31

    angular.noop is an empty function that can be used as a placeholder when you need to pass some function as a param.function foo (callback) {// Do a lot of complex thingscallback(); }// Those two have the same effect, but the later is more elegant foo(function() {}); foo(angular.noop);

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  • Santosh Kumar Adidawarpu
    Nov, 2017 16

    A function that performs no operations. function method(callback) {var result = calculateResult();(callback || angular.noop)(result); }method(angular.noop); // no callback method(alert(result)); // alert is a callback and alerts resultUseful in situations where we do not require a callback after doing some operation.

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