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Atulya Panda
What is the use of the dispose method in C# ?
By Atulya Panda in C# on Nov 26 2012
  • Sandeep Kumar
    Sep, 2015 28

    Dispose method use to remove the object from memory ,which object has no references or those object are unreachable.dispose method get call by user.

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  • Tanuj Khurana
    Sep, 2015 18

    this is basically used for forcefully garbage collection. if i do not write dispose then its its job is for compiler to do this. but it do not give you surety that it freeze the memory immediately. if i want to force compiler to ask free memory immediately then we use dispose method. it internally calls finalize method.

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  • shekhar kumar
    Apr, 2013 1

    dispose method are used for forcefully garbage collection..!!!

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  • shekhar tyagi
    Jul, 2013 8

    dispose method are used for forcefully garbage collection to relase Unmannaged code

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  • Shankar M
    Feb, 2013 18

    Freeing of resources.. Best Practice is to use the Keyword using which automatically frees the resources that are no longer needed.

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  • Neena M
    Dec, 2012 10

    dispose is used to relase the resources when they are no longer required.

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