Shikha Gupta
When you switch on your computer, which of the following component affect first MotherBoard or SMPS???
By Shikha Gupta in .NET on Sep 13 2011
  • Vasudeva Rao Naidu Rangisetti
    Jan, 2012 7

    SMPS because it only supply power to motherboard. So SMPS is first affected.

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  • tanmaya biswal
    Oct, 2011 27

    As smps is switching mode power supply,So it regulates power very often

    thats why it is 1st affected

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  • DevMaster India
    Oct, 2011 13

    SMPS is the first hardware in any PC cabinet in terms of Power supply connection.
    Power supply to all the hardwares is provided by SMPS only as per capacity of the hardware.
    So in terms of Power supply, SMPS will be first affected then the Motherboard
    Pleas note: Its will happen only if SMPS works fine else No affect on Motherboard or other devices connected to SMPS.

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  • Ashutosh Bam
    Oct, 2011 11


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  • nalini hulavale
    Oct, 2011 9


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  • navani rose
    Oct, 2011 1

    First attack mother board ......

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  • Suthish Nair
    Sep, 2011 19

    MotherBoard only

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