Kokul Jose
Which are the different ways of publishing a web app to Azure?

There are different ways to publish a web app to azure. Describe some of them.

By Kokul Jose in Azure on Oct 15 2020
  • Vivek Sheth
    Oct, 2020 16

    Below are the two ways, we can deploy(Publish) our code to website.

    Manual Deployment (Push/Sync model) :

    1. Visual Studio
    2. FTP
    3. Deployment Slots

    Continuous Deployment (CI/DC)

    1. Azure Repos
    2. GitHub
    3. BitBucket

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  • Guest User
    Oct, 2020 19

    A resource group contains the resources required to successfully deploy a vSRX VM in Azure. ... In Azure, you logically group related resources such as storage accounts, virtual networks, and virtual machines (VMs) to deploy, manage, and maintain them as a single entity

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  • Salman Beg
    Oct, 2020 29

    Check this below link which explains all different ways,


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