Aashina Arora
Which is faster? Tuple or List?

If you create a tuple in a program and simultaneouly create a list in second program. Then which one will be faster?
Execution will be delayed just by some micro seconds, but which has better performance and faster and why?

Answer is: TUPLE
Unlike the tuple, which has static properties, the list is dynamic. Due to their static nature, tuples are faster than lists since lists can be updated, but they cannot.

By Aashina Arora in Python on Feb 24 2023
  • Tuhin Paul
    Mar, 2023 2

    Tuples are faster than lists in Python because tuples are immutable and have a fixed size, whereas lists are mutable and have a variable size.

    When creating a tuple in a program and a list in another program, it’s not possible to make a direct comparison in terms of performance. The performance of both data structures depends on the specific operations that are being performed on them. For example, iterating over a tuple may be faster than iterating over a list, but appending to a list may be faster than appending to a tuple.

    In addition, the difference in performance between tuples and lists may be negligible in many cases, and other factors such as algorithm efficiency and I/O operations may have a greater impact on overall performance.

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