Java Web Developer

Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India
Apr 26, 2024
Apr 24, 2025
4 Years
Job Description

As a Java Tech Lead/Developer, you will play a key role in designing and developing robust enterprise solutions using Java, JEE, Spring Boot, and related technologies. You will lead technical teams, leverage your expertise in Java 8+ and microservices architecture, and apply critical thinking to overcome complex technical challenges. Your contributions will be instrumental in ensuring the successful delivery of projects that meet our clients' evolving needs.

Roles and Responsibilities

As a Java Tech Lead/Developer, you'll be at the forefront of designing and developing cutting-edge enterprise solutions, harnessing the power of Java, JEE, Spring Boot, and associated technologies. Your responsibilities include.

  1. Design and Development. Spearheading the creation of enterprise-grade solutions by leveraging Java, JEE, and Spring Boot, ensuring robustness, scalability, and maintainability.
  2. Technical Leadership. Demonstrating mastery in Java 8+ and microservices architecture to lead technical teams effectively, providing guidance and mentorship to ensure project success.
  3. Containerization and Orchestration. Utilizing Docker and Kubernetes to containerize applications and orchestrate their deployment, ensuring seamless scalability and efficiency in dynamic environments.
  4. Problem Solving. Applying critical thinking and problem-solving skills to address complex technical challenges, ensuring timely and effective resolution.
  5. Event-Driven Design. Implementing event-driven design principles and leveraging Kafka or similar message queue systems for asynchronous communication, enhancing system responsiveness and decoupling.
  6. Database Management. Proficiently utilizing SQL for database management, ensuring data integrity and optimizing performance for enhanced user experiences.
  7. Distributed Systems. Designing and implementing distributed systems to meet scalability and reliability requirements, enabling seamless operation in diverse environments.
  8. Cloud Integration. Experience with IoT cloud services on platforms such as AWS, Azure, or GCP, ensuring seamless integration with cloud environments for enhanced scalability and accessibility.
  9. Performance Optimization. Familiarity with Redis Cache and gRPC for optimizing performance and communication, ensuring efficient operation and response times.
  10. Domain Knowledge. Understanding of information modeling and industrial experience in sectors like manufacturing, energy, etc., to comprehend and address domain-specific requirements effectively.

Required Qualifications

  • Bachelor's degree in Computer Science/IT or equivalent technical domain, providing a strong foundation in software engineering principles.
  • Demonstrated expertise in Java, Spring Boot, and microservice development, with 4-6 years of overall experience, including at least 4 years dedicated to Java and Spring Boot development.
  • Familiarity with Agile methodologies, facilitating effective collaboration within cross-functional teams and ensuring iterative development practices.

This role demands a blend of technical prowess, leadership acumen, and domain expertise to drive the successful delivery of enterprise solutions. Effective communication, collaboration, and adaptability are essential traits for thriving in this dynamic environment.

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