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Good tidings, I'm Sanjay Kumar Jha, a Specialized Lead, Mentor, and Content Essayist, driven by an enthusiasm for investigating arising innovations. My assorted range of abilities envelops Java,Winforms,. NET Core,MAUI,Android, Xamarin, WPF, UNO,, WebAPI, Python,Machine Learning,HTML,Aps. Net MVC,CSS,Javascript,Jquery and other microsoft innovations.

In my job as a Specialized Lead, I flourish with embracing state of the art advances and spearheading developments. As a long lasting student, I'm continually trying to expand my viewpoints and improve my mastery to convey unrivaled worth to clients and companions the same.

As a Mentor, I'm profoundly dedicated to supporting ability and encouraging development. I empower individuals and teams to excel in their professions and make significant contributions to their organizations through personalized mentoring, interactive workshops, and online training initiatives.

In my ability as a Substance Essayist, I get huge fulfillment from sharing experiences and mastery. I solidly put stock in the force of information sharing to lift the business and enable people to accomplish their desires.

Past specialized ability, I'm a steadfast backer for clean code rehearses. I strongly believe that creating applications that are scalable, robust, and positioned for long-term success requires code that is well-written and easy to maintain.

On the off chance that you're excited about associating with me or diving further into my work, kindly go ahead and connect. I relish the chance to draw in with individual experts, trade points of view, and fashion significant associations.