Build Complex Applications using jQuery UI

The jQuery UI project is an official project of the jQuery Project, that provides abstractions for low-level interactions and animations, advanced effects and high-level, themeable widgets, all built on top of the jQuery JavaScript Library, that you can use to build highly interactive web applications.

There are a number of interactions within jQuery UI that allow you to build complex behaviors. The library provides support for dragging, dropping, resizing, selecting, and sorting elements on a page.

It also provides many prebuilt widgets that you can drop onto your UI with the ease of any jQuery plug-in. Widgets are full-featured UI controls each having a full range of options. These widgets, as of jQuery UI (1.8.12), include Accordion, Autocomplete, Button, Datepicker, Dialog, Progressbar, Slider, and Tabs. There are also a number of effects that can be utilized and additionally a low-level position utility method that existing widgets are taking advantage of that you can use for your UI's.

Building a web application with jQuery makes the task easier. Similarly, building a web application with a complex UI is made easier with jQuery's sister project jQuery UI. With jQuery UI we have a collection of interactions, widgets and a theme builder at our fingertips that allows us to make a cohesive UI.

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