Data Binding in a Windows Store App

In this article we'll explore data binding in a Windows Store app built with JavaScript. This is a hybrid of other kinds of apps built for Windows 8. It's like a desktop app in that it's installed on your computer, unlike a Web site. On the other hand, it's like a Web site in that you can build it using HTML5, JavaScript and CSS3. However, instead of generating the UI on the server side, the JavaScript framework for building Windows Store apps and the underlying Windows Runtime allows you to build apps with client-side state, offline storage, controls, templates and binding—along with a whole host of other services.

Data binding is the ability to take the value of a list of data, such as a set of RSS feeds, and use it to populate a control, such as a ListView. We can tailor which data we extract using templates. We'll show how binding is even more flexible than that, allowing updating of the UI as the underlying data changes, along with sorting, filtering and grouping.

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Here is one more good article on basics of Data Binding in Windows Store Apps using XAML



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