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  • How to Register and Unregister a DLL or ActiveX Controls Using Regsvr32.exeApr 17, 2013.
  • Using New ComboBox ActiveX With C#Nov 19, 2012. This is my attempt to create a resizable ComboBox ActiveX to set its height to the height of a DataGrid cell.
  • Using New ComboBox ActiveX With VBNov 19, 2012. This is my attempt to create a resizable ComboBox ActiveX to set its height to the height of a DataGrid cell.
  • Writing an ActiveX Control in VB.NETNov 10, 2012. Create a Windows control project in Visual Studio .NET and expose an interface to the COM world.
  • Using Grid ActiveX Control With VB.NETApr 05, 2012. Using the new ActiveX control (MKGrid) with VB.Net, you can read my article about using MKGrid control with C#.
  • SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) - ActiveX Script task containerMar 31, 2011. In this article we are going to see how to use an ActiveX Script task container in SSIS packaging.
  • Drawing Visio Shapes in the Visio ActiveX Control Using C# and .NETDec 05, 2006. This article will get you started in using the Visio ActiveX control that allows you to use Visio inside of a .NET Windows Form. The article will step you through a simple example of drawing shapes inside a Visio Drawing and connecting the shapes together.
  • Pros and Cons of ActiveX and DHTML ControlsSep 16, 2003. This document shows a comparison study of web pages using simple ASP and ActiveX Controls. By the End of this document, we arrive at a conclusion of which one to use when.
  • Writing an ActiveX Control in .NETMar 12, 2003. In this example, I will walk you through creating an ActiveX control that will show a simple user interface and accept input from a web page.
  • C# and ActiveX DLLDec 14, 2001. As you know with Visual Basic 6.0, it is possible develop a COM server and implement them in a Visual Basic client program. But this is being done by using Visual Basic. You may wonder about the idea of calling this DLL in a C# Application. Well, C# language provides us a way to call this COM server in a program. When we compile a C# program an Intermediate Language is generated and it is called as Managed Code.
  • ActiveX Controls in VB.NETNov 10, 2012. VB.NET language provides us a way to call this COM server in a program. When we compile a VB.NET program an Intermediate Language is generated and it is called as Managed Code. This article shows how to create a simple server by using Visual Basic 6.0 and implementing it in a VB.NET client program.
  • ActiveX control using C#Apr 02, 2010. I create a new ActiveX control (MKGrid) to let edit Grid control become easy, I was using my ActiveX in VB6 project.
  • .Net Penetration Testing: Cheat SheetOct 25, 2014. This article provides a cheat sheet for .Net Penetration Testing.
  • Object Serialization in VB.NETNov 10, 2012. This application is simple Console application which demonstrate Object Serialization in VB.NET by use of System.Runtime.Serialization namespace.
  • Invoking Unmanaged DLL Functions from Compact Framework for Pocket PC in VB.NETNov 10, 2012. In this example we will use the Compact Framework to create a program containing a launch pad for the Pocket PC.
  • Net DDE to .NET RemotingNov 10, 2012. This article travel through time to trace the genesis of Dot Net Remoting right from RPC to RMI till SOAP.
  • How to Make Help File With C#Mar 21, 2012. I wrote an article before about the new ActiveX control (MKGrid), and wrote its help using Microsoft HTML Workshop and it was necessary to write more than sixty HTML files because every item of my help needs one file, and that was so boring!
  • How to Show PDF file in C#Feb 07, 2011. This article shows how to show a PDF file in a Windows application with the help of the Adobe ActiveX COM.
  • .NET Interoperability at a Glance 3 - Unmanaged Code InteroperationJan 05, 2011. This is the last article in this series, it talks about unmanaged code interoperation; that’s, interop between .NET code and other code from other technologies (like Windows API, native libraries, COM, ActiveX, etc.)Be prepared!
  • Using Windows Media Player COM in WPFApr 08, 2010. In this article we will see how we can use Windows Media Player’s COM and its ActiveX Control in WPF.
  • Host an OCX control within a .Net windows application-.Net and COM part IVNov 03, 2008. In this article I will explain how to host an OCX control within a .Net application.
  • Play Video in WPFApr 09, 2007. If you have built any video enabled application prior to WPF, you must be familiar with the Windows Media Player ActiveX control. The WPF library provides the MediaElement control that encapsulates Windows Media Player functionality.
  • Using a COM Callable Wrapper to Launch a Program from a Hyperlink in the WebBrowser ControlMar 02, 2007. This article describes how you can launch an application from a link inside the WebBrowser Control using a combination of javascript and an ActiveX Control created in C#.
  • Windows Forms WebBrowser ControlNov 10, 2005. Windows Forms 1.0 lacked a Web Browser control. The work around was to use IE ActiveX control using COM Interop. Now Windows Forms 2.0 provides a Web Browser control, which is a managed wrapper of IE ActiveX control.
  • How to Call a .NET Assembly From a SQL Server Scheduled JobApr 27, 2005. This article shows you a step-by-step implementation of a COM client (a SQL Server scheduled Job) using .NET and C#.
  • Web Based Chat ApplicationMar 15, 2005. The article explains about devloping a chat Solution in ASP.Net / C# which is differnt than any of the available solutions and works under any firewall and browser settings.
  • Using Web Browser Options in C# and VB.NETSep 21, 2004. I wrote this article in Sept 2001 in response to a question on discussion forums - how to create a Web Browser in C#? Recently, I got a question on how to use Browser's Save As option programmatically. This article explains how to use Web Browser ActiveX to your project to developer your own customized Web Browser and use its options.
  • Migrating from ASP to ASP.NETJan 05, 2004. This document covers some of the more powerful features that can simplify Web development while providing a more scalable, stable, and productive environment.
  • Solar Power Charting ToolDec 30, 2003. In this article, we will see how to use C# and GDI+ in measuring the solar power and represent it in form of chart.
  • Virtual Oscilloscope using PIC Microcontroller Oct 23, 2003. An oscilloscope is probably the most important instrument for observing and measuring electronic circuits.
  • User Controls in Internet ExplorerAug 13, 2003. WinGhost 2.0 application allows you to show and hide applications running on your machine. I find this program useful at my work as I do lot of programming at any given time I can have a bunch windows open. I use it normally to hide just my windows I don't access that often.
  • User Controls In Internet ExplorerAug 13, 2003. ASP programmers have long been using ActiveX controls as part of their client-side programming techniques, but now we are able to easily render Windows User Controls (almost Windows Forms, but not quite) into our HTML.
  • From DAO to ADO.NETJan 14, 2003. This article will briefly discuss and show a summary of the evolution of the Microsoft ActiveX Data Objects, it will also explain some database concepts and finally provide some code examples.
  • Data Access with ADO.NETNov 04, 2002. This first article will provide a brief history of data access as well as provide the basic flow for using ADO to access data.
  • Using Multimedia Controls in .NET through COM InteroperabilityAug 01, 2002. In this article I'll try to explain the issue of the COM Interoperability and how to use Multimedia Device controls.
  • An insight into Code Reusability and COM Interoperability - Part 2Nov 26, 2001. We have mushrooms of network systems running across the globe based on many proprietary protocols. In order to integrate these systems to communicate with each other in a more meaningful way, developers or organizations have to face an uphill task.
  • Language Independence from COM to .NETOct 03, 2001. This article covers the subject regarding Language Independence. This term Language Independent means one can create an application using various languages. This Language independent starts from past COM (OLE & ActiveX) to present .Net.Let us see in detail.
  • Web Browser in C# and VB.NETSep 11, 2001. This article explains how to add and web browser ActiveX to your project to developer your own customized web browser.
  • Realtime Stock Quotes into Excel using .NETSep 03, 2001. I may seem a little Bullish on .NET, but I was able to create this application fairly quickly in C#.
  • Net DDE to DOTNET RemotingJul 02, 2001. This article travel through time to trace the genesis of Dot Net Remoting right from RPC to RMI till SOAP.
  • ADO Vs ADO.NET Web ServiceMar 22, 2001. In this example I'd like to demonstrate one of the most interesting features of the .NET runtime - the concept of Webservices.
  • Introduction to SOAPMar 22, 2001. Since the release I have been fascinated with this thing called SOAP, This bubbly new protocol backed by the power of XML is certainly going to make waves in the world of distributed computing. The first thing which comes into our mind is “Why the heck we didn’t think of this before?

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