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  • Trigger A Microsoft Flow With A Button Click On SharePoint OnlineApr 18, 2018. Microsoft Flow is a cloud-based software tool that allows users to create and automate workflows across multiple applications and services without the need for a developer’s help and is part of the Office 365 suite. It is included in most of Office 365 subscriptions and can be accessed via Office 365 app launcher. Automated workflows are called flows and its most common usage is to trigger notifications, synchronize files & collect data. The focus of this article is to highlight how to trigger a Microsoft flow on a button click event within SharePoint Online.
  • Multiple Ways To Create Workflows In SharePointMar 06, 2018. SharePoint is being widely used in Intranet as well as Extranet applications. SharePoint also being part of Office 365 suite, the boundaries between the Intranet and Extranet are fading away.
  • Microsoft Operations Management Suite (OMS) - A Beginner's GuideFeb 13, 2018. Operations Management Suite (also known as OMS) is a collection of cloud-based services for managing your on-premises and cloud environments from one single place. Rather than deploying and managing on-premises resources, OMS components are entirely hosted in Azure. In simple words, what basically happens is that OMS goes and talks to different servers, applications in your environment, collects information about how they're doing, consolidates this information in the form of nice colorful graphics and searchable records, after that presents it to you in one single, convenient place, and it doesn't matter where your servers or applications are running, Azure, AWS, on-premises or which operating system they're running on, Windows or Linux, it just works. Configuration is minimal, and you can be up and running literally in a matter of minutes.
  • Share Code Between ASP.NET Core MicroServicesJan 04, 2018. Microservice architecture or microservices is a method of developing software applications as a suite of independently deployable, small, modular services in which each service runs a unique process and communicates through a well-defined, lightweight mechanism to serve a business goal.
  • Step By Step Procedure To Create A Microsoft FlowSep 14, 2017. Microsoft Flow is a part of Office 365 suite which is a cloud-based software tool that allows users to create an automated workflow across multiple applications and services without the need for developer help. Microsoft flows is built on top logic app engine. But as this app is built for targeting business personnel, the total process is UI based. To create a flow, the user specifies what action should take place when a specific event occurs.
  • Google APIs - Google Web AuthenticationAug 18, 2017. Google provides a variety of API services such as Google Cloud APIs, G Suite APIs, Google Map APIs, Mobile APIs, Social APIs. Now, we will discuss how to add Google Authentication to your web site.
  • API Testing With PostmanJul 27, 2017. Postman is a rest client with an API development suite with powerful features. Postman is a google chrome application for testing API calls which can also be used with the Developer Tools Utility to test these API calls and not have to worry about importing any files or setting up Authentication.
  • Top Creative Tips-Tools to Attract And Recruit The Best TalentMay 19, 2017. This article includes 10 creative tips, tools & methodologies to attract & recruit the best talent.
  • Getting Started With Azure IoT SuiteFeb 02, 2017. In this article, you will learn about Azure IoT Suite.
  • Dive Into Azure Log AnalyticsDec 20, 2016. In this article, we are going to learn about Azure Log Analytics and Operational Management Suite.
  • How To Change Suite Bar In SharePoint 2016Dec 08, 2016. In this article you will learn how to change suite bar in SharePoint 2016.
  • How To Enroll In The Office Insider Program On Windows 10Oct 20, 2016. In this article, you will learn about Office Insider. It is one of Microsoft’s best versions of their Office suite to hit the market.
  • Get Started With Azure IoT Suite Preconfigured Solutions - Part OneOct 12, 2016. In this article, you will learn how to create Azure IoT Suite Remote Monitoring Preconfigured Solutions.
  • Customize Suite Bar In SharePoint 2013May 24, 2016. In this blog you will learn how to customize Suite Bar in SharePoint 2013.
  • C# Corner Annual Conference 2016: Official RecapMar 26, 2016. Here is the official recap of the C# Corner Annual Conference 2016, held on March 18-19 at Country Inn & Suites Hotel, Ghaziabad.
  • Transform Data Into Intelligent Actions Using Cortana Analytics SuiteJan 28, 2016. How to transform big data into intelligent actions using Microsoft Cortana Analytics Suite.
  • Making It Easier To Enhance Creative Freedom On The JobDec 15, 2015. In this article you will learn how to make it easier to enhance creative freedom on the job.
  • Ideas of Innovative ThinkingApr 28, 2014. Creative + Innovation give the Success for the project / Company and mainly ideas that are keys to Innovative thinking.
  • SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS) : Part 1Jul 27, 2013. This article describes the Microsoft Business Intelligence (BI) suite that provides a very powerful technology called SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS) to deliver OnLine Analytical Processing (OLAP) and data mining for business intelligence applications.
  • Creational Pattern - Abstract Factory in VB.NETNov 08, 2012. An abstract factory provides an interface for creating families of related objects without specifying their concrete classes. Sometimes one wants to construct an instance of one of a suite of classes, deciding between the classes at the time of instantiation.
  • How to Copy Test Suites From Another Test Plan Using Microsoft Test Manager 2010Aug 08, 2012. In this article you will learn how to copy Test Suites from another Test Plan using Microsoft Test Manager 2010.
  • Creating Test Suite Under Test Plan in Test Manager 2010Jul 31, 2012. In this article you will learn how to create a Test Suite into a test plan for manual testing using Microsoft Test Manager 2010.
  • PhotoFrame Using Expression Design 4Feb 02, 2011. In Microsoft Expression Design, it is very easy to create modern standard based web sites, streaming video, and Web graphics. It is used for optimizing photos and images to add to websites and other creative endeavors.
  • Hooking into your Google Apps With the RSSBus Google Data ProviderDec 01, 2010. This is a review of a component called the RSSBus Google Data Provider which allows you to access the Google API through a Sql Data Provider. This provider opens up the entire Google Application Suite to the .NET developer through familiar ADO.NET tools and classes.
  • Implementing a Custom Zoom Bar with Map SuiteAug 29, 2008. this article I will show you how to build a custom zoom bar using the prebuilt zoom levels defined within Map Suite Web Edition (with concepts that also apply to Map Suite Desktop Edition).
  • Windows Workflow Foundation at a glanceApr 27, 2007. This article is intended to show information about Windows Workflow Foundation (WWF) of key part of Microsoft.NET 3.0 technologies suite. I will illustrate the concepts and the main components of this technology.
  • 10 Measures to Reduce Credit Card Fraud for Internet MerchantsJul 27, 2006. The purpose of this document is to introduce 10 preventative measures that merchants can take in order to minimize credit card fraud. In addition, we would like to take this opportunity to introduce a complete suite of FraudLabs™ Web Services specializing in the analysis of credit card fraud risk for Internet merchants.
  • A Practical Approach to .NET Testing using Visual Studio 2005 Test Team SuiteMar 22, 2006. This article will cover practical approach to White box Testing Techniques using Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Test Team Suite. It covers concepts with a simple, easy to follow example.
  • A Shaped Windows Forms Application with Variable OpacityMar 11, 2002. This application demonstrates two simple techniques that beginners might find useful in developing creative new looks for Windows applications.
  • Marble Solitaire Solution Display in GDI+Feb 13, 2002. The application finds and displays solutions to a game of solitaire. The application was written using Visual Studio.NET Version 7.0.9254. The test suite was written using NUnit, which is a .NET port of JUnit.
  • Creational Pattern - Abstract FactoryFeb 11, 2002. An abstract factory provides an interface for creating families of related objects without specifying their concrete classes. Sometimes one wants to construct an instance of one of a suite of classes, deciding between the classes at the time of instantiation.

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