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  • Logging Framework In ASP.NET Core 2.0Oct 29, 2017. Logging is a very critical and essential part of any software. It helps us in the investigation of the essence of problems. Before ASP.NET Core, we had to use third party libraries for logging our application.
  • How To Upgrade ADFS 3.0 To AD FS Server 2016 - Part OneAug 31, 2017. Being said that, Now a days ADFS is one of the very critical infra since it is used for Identity services which being used for office365, Azure, Applications be it in any which way it is been created/developed in terms of SAAS, PAAS and On-premises. I have seen the scenarios where ADFS is down, the complete company’s major applications are also going down. So we need to carefully plan and upgrade the ADFS infra. Any wrong command or wrong execution plan can mislead the infra and complete ADS infra can go down.
  • AngularJS Vs. ReactJS - A Critical AnalysisJul 01, 2017. Every entrepreneur wants their business website to flourish and to achieve that, the selection of the JavaScript framework becomes quite crucial. It plays a key role not only in the steadiness of the project, but also helps to maintain code and deadlines etc. However, choosing an apt framework to suit your requirements isn’t a cake walk.
  • When To Perform A Search Full Crawl In SharePoint 2013Jun 24, 2017. Search is indeed a mission critical component in SharePoint 2013 and it’s very important that it functions properly so that you get the desired results. As we all know, the search results and their relevancy is directly proportional to how often your content sources are crawled and what sort of crawling you’re running in your SharePoint farm.
  • REST Features In WEB API With The Verbs GET, POST, PUT, DELETE, PATCHApr 24, 2017. In this article, I am going to explain about REST features with the verbs GET, POST, PUT, DELETE in WEB API.
  • SharePoint 2016 Central Admin - Upgrade And Migration - Check Product And Patch Installation StatusMar 11, 2017. In this article, you will learn about SharePoint 2016 Central Admin - Upgrade And Migration - Check Product and Patch Installation Status.
  • Installation Guide On Patching SharePoint FarmNov 15, 2016. This article is an installation guide on patching SharePoint Farm.
  • Patching Distributed Cache in SharePoint Server 2013Feb 28, 2016. In this article you will learn Patching Distributed Cache in SharePoint Server 2013.
  • Password Discovery and Patching by DisassemblingFeb 25, 2015. This article shows how to subvert some of authentication mechanisms, such as extracting vital information imposed in the binary file while source coding, by analyzing the generated hex code itself of the target executable.
  • Binary Cracking and Byte Patching With IDA ProNov 19, 2014. This article explains one of the amazing tactics of patching the binary code and the production of a new executable file using IDA Pro.
  • Patching .NET Binary Code by CFF ExplorerNov 03, 2014. This article explains how to edit or patch the binary code instructions without having the actual source code.
  • .NET Binary Patching, Reversing With ReflexilOct 31, 2014. In this article you will learn .NET Binary Patching and Reversing with Reflexil.
  • Applied Reverse Engineering With OllyDbgOct 27, 2014. The objective of this paper is to show how to crack an executable using the OllyDbg tool without seeing its source code.
  • Monitor and Lock in C#Jun 14, 2014. This article explains the synchronization techniques for handling multiple threads trying to access a critical block of code.
  • WebApi: WebApi Patch Update Using FromBody Parameter in WebApi Using MVC4 TemplateApr 16, 2014. In this article I’ll share my thoughts on Patch update using FromBody in WebApi Configuration over Convention. I’ve also used Fiddler in this article.
  • Bitmap and Nine-Patch Drawable Resources in AndroidMar 28, 2013. Here I am sharing my experience of working with Drawable Resources in Android, Through this article you will learn to use Bitmap and Nine-Patch Drawable Resources which is the first two of ten Resources available in Android.
  • Threading with Semaphore in C#Dec 07, 2011. The semaphore class works similar to the Monitor and Mutex class but in this you can set a limit on how many threads have access to a critical area.
  • Threading with Monitor in C#Dec 06, 2011. A monitor is a mechanism for ensuring that only one thread at a time may be running a certain piece of code (critical section).
  • Thread Locking in C#Dec 03, 2011. Exclusive locking in threading ensures that one thread does not enter a critical section while another thread is in the critical section of code.
  • General Formatter for .NET 2/4: DesignAug 23, 2011. Part in which solution design is outlined, explaining critical details that the solution will have to implement.
  • Best Practice No 4:- Improve bandwidth performance of ASP.NET sites using IIS compressionSep 16, 2009. Bandwidth performance is one of the critical requirements for every website. In today's time major cost of the website is not hard disk space but its bandwidth. So transferring maximum amount of data over the available bandwidth becomes very critical. In this article we will see how we can use IIS compression to increase bandwidth performance.
  • XML Diff and Patch using LINQ to Xml and LINQ to ObjectsJul 26, 2009. This article focuses on working with XML and how to get best out of LINQ to XML and LINQ to Objects. Focus of this article is to you show the power of LINQ to Xml and get you started on LINQ with practical examples.
  • Retaining your best peopleApr 25, 2009. You can replace equipment, infrastructure, tools, etc but at the end of the day it’s the people i.e. human capital which is the critical success factor in today’s competitive environment. Retaining key talent is one of the topmost priorities for all successful managers.
  • Backup and Recovery in Database SystemsFeb 25, 2008. This article is intended to cover one of the most critical responsibilities of database administrators in order to maintain data integrity.
  • Session State Management in Application having ASP and ASP. Net PagesFeb 15, 2005. If we are developing a web application in which both ASP and ASP.NET pages resides, then passing session information from ASP to ASP.NET page or vice versa becomes a critical issue. To share session state between ASP and ASP.NET pages, session state need to be stored in some common format like in database.
  • Multiuser XML 'Database' Web ServiceDec 01, 2004. This article shows multiple users to have simultaneous access to the document just like a database. The critical thing is how can we load a resource once and how can we have multiple users access it without collisions.
  • Real Time Communications in .NETMar 12, 2004. This white paper shares concepts of real time communications in .Net and its applicability in real world. A real-time communication system is used in applications where time is a critical factor.
  • Real-time Message Logging Utility - Part 1Apr 01, 2002. A message logger is a utility that helps in logging the messages thrown from functions/programs. It is useful in critical applications as it helps to know the time taken by a function to execute, the time that the function remained idle and any messages that the function wants to be logged for further analysis.

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