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  • Introduction To ADO.NET: Part 2Feb 24, 2014. This article explains the basic details of ADO.NET Part 2.
  • Working With Command Object in ADO.NETApr 24, 2013. In this article we will learn how to work with the Command Object in ADO .NET and the Execute Methods in the Command Object.
  • Accessing data using DataReader in VB.NETNov 10, 2012. In this article you can see how to access the data using DataReader from the data source.DataReader is a readonly, forward only and connected recordset from the database.
  • Working With SqlDataReader Class in ADO.NETJan 03, 2012. In this article you will learn about the SqlDataReader class and the ExecuteReader( ) method of the SqlCommand class.
  • ADO.NET FAQ's: Part IFeb 12, 2009. This is the Part I of ADO.NET. In this section we will touch base on one of important concepts in ADO.NET.
  • How Do I Bind Datagrid with SqlDataReader in C#Oct 29, 2005. This article will show, how do we bind our binding controls like DataGrid, DataList using SqlDataReader.
  • Oracle Data Provider for .NET : Part IIIFeb 20, 2004. Oracle Data Provider for .NET (ODP.NET) is an implementation of a data provider for the Oracle database. ODP.NET uses Oracle native APIs to offer fast and reliable access to Oracle data and features from any .NET application.
  • DataReader in C#Feb 17, 2004. The ADO.NET DataSet is a data construct that can contain several relational rowsets, the relations that link those rowsets, and the metadata for each rowset. The DataSet also tracks which fields have changed, their new values and their original values, and can store custom information in its Extended Properties collection. The DataSet can be exported to XML or created from an XML document, thus enabling increased interoperability between applications.

About ExecuteReader

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