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  • Installation and configuration for FxCop toolApr 11, 2011. Today I am going to explain about the installation and configuration for fxcop tool.
  • Learning Visual Studio 2005 IDE - Integrated FxCop and Accessibility OptionsJul 23, 2005. Visual Studio 2005 IDE brings you many new and updated features and Project Properties dialog is one of the areas where you will see some new additions. In this article, I will discuss Accessibility and FxCop features of Project Properties dialog.
  • 7 Steps to Write Your Own Custom Rule using FXCOPMar 04, 2009. FXCOP is one of the legendary tools which help us automate reviews using set of rules against compiled assemblies. This article will discuss some basics of FXCOP and then concentrate mainly on how we can add custom rules in FXCOP.
  • FxCop Integration into VS.NETFeb 16, 2006. In this article, I give brief introduction on FXCop tool, followed by steps to integrate the tool in VS.NET IDE. I have also indentified benifits and limitations of integration.
  • Code Analysis using VS.Net 2010Feb 02, 2011. The Code Analysis tool is available as part of Visual Studio. When we enable code analysis, our code is validated against the rule defined in Microsft FxCop (current version is 1.36).
  • C# Code reviews using StyleCopNov 14, 2008. In this article we will discuss an upcoming code review tool StyleCop. We will understand the basics and do a small sample of code review practically to understand how StyleCop works.
  • Software Design Guidelines for .NETSep 02, 2008. Through this article I will attempt to break down this fire breathing dragon. And hopefully at the end of it, you would feel confident of riding this dragon towards glory and respect.
  • Best Practices of CodingApr 13, 2005. This document covers a few recommendations to leverage the quality of the code in .NET using FXCop 1.30 and how to write custom rules through an introspection engine.

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