C# Corner

  • Signing a Third Party Library With Ildasm and IlasmAug 11, 2012. Let see here what is not signed if you have a strongly named project assembly and third-party library.
  • Decompile An Assembly In C#Nov 18, 2015. In this article you will learn how to decompile an Assembly in C#.
  • Const and Readonly Keywords in C#Apr 17, 2014. This article explains the const and readonly keywords in depth as well as a bit on the ildasm.
  • Disassemble code in Visual Studio instead of ILDSAM disassemblerMar 08, 2011. Most of the times when we want to see the disassembled code we will go for the ILDASM tool and give the mapped path of the dll and see the disassembled code in the tool. Now we have an option for that in Visual Studio itself. Let’s see in this article on how to do this step by step
  • Tools and Utilities in the .NET Framework Nov 11, 2009. In this article I will explain about the tools and utilities in the .NET Framework.
  • Assembly Viewer and Assembly Conflict Viewer in ASP.NETAug 10, 2006. This article show how to view assembly attributes and conflicts in ASP.NET page using C#.
  • Understanding .NET Framework at a glanceMay 05, 2004. In this article we are going to look at Microsoft .NET Framework. This is the newly established software development environment which helps developers to develop applications quickly and gives optimum, efficient, scalable, performance oriented applications in different languages like Visual Basic .NET, C#, ASP .NET, and Jscript .NET.
  • Global Assembly Cache(GAC) HellJan 03, 2003. After having worked on a project involving heavy use of the Global Assembly Cache, I would like to tell you that using the GAC can be very frustrating. We had a solution which had several projects within the solution. Many of these projects referenced 1 project (utility project) which did a lot of the work which we could reuse.
  • Using DTS from C#Sep 16, 2002. In this article I will concentrate on enumerating, executing and changing properties or global variables of DTS package.
  • VS.NET Tools Intermediate Language Disassembler (ILDAM)Feb 06, 2002. The ILDSAM tool parses any .NET Framework EXE/DLL Module and shows the information in a human-readeble format
  • Some situtions where one may like to use ILJan 29, 2002. This article requires knowledge of IL or at least desire to learn it. My intention is to give few illustrations where usage of IL is possible or only option.
  • C# and .NETJan 07, 2002. It is sometimes important to know the details of what the compiler does. You may want to know whether constants are evaluated at compile time, or whether constant strings are folded at compile time.
  • Exploring delegates in C#Oct 30, 2001. Delegates are a kind of type safe function pointers which are actually declared as class derived from System.MulticastDelegate.
  • C# Tutorial for Beginners: Part IAug 16, 2001. Three chapter of this tutorial explains basics of .NET, C# and how to write your first C# program.
  • Properties in C#: New Cover on old book Jun 06, 2001. Properties are accessor methods whose job is to retrieve and set the values of fields.
  • Visual Studio .NET: Start upMar 20, 2001. The next version of Visual Studio 6.0 is Visual Studio .NET (VS.NET). In the previous versions of Visual Studio Microsoft has different menu options to pick development environment such as VC++, Visual FoxPro, Visual Basic or Visual Interdev. This version of Visual Studio has integrated everything in one IDE. The reason for that might be all development languages share common library and tools.


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