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  • Email Directly From C# .NET On Azure With No Mail ServerFeb 05, 2018. One of the background parts of most systems I write involves messaging of some kind ... more often than not, the default is email notification of one thing or another. When I need to carryout large scale mail-outs I always use one for the major Azure services, but when I only need adhoc mail operations or low volume, I use a combination of an SMTP Client and a DNS MX Lookup.
  • How To Save Wunderlist Tasks To OneNote Pages Using Microsoft FlowNov 24, 2017. This article helps you to learn how to save Wunderlist tasks to OneNote pages whenever a new task is added on Wunderlist using Microsoft Flow.
  • Office web applications in SharePoint OnlineJan 30, 2014. In this article I would like to share about office web application usages, advantages and how its help us in SharePoint.
  • SharePoint 2013 New FeaturesDec 13, 2013. In this article I am sharing some of the new features of SharePoint 2013.
  • OneNote 2003 - An IntroductionJul 13, 2004. Microsoft Office OneNoteTM2003 is part of next generation of Microsoft Office products. It allows users to electronically capture, organize, and reuse notes on thick clients.
  • DNS Client in C#Dec 22, 2003. The attached source project contains the library and source code for DNS client application. This client supports A, MX, and PTR records.
  • DNS Resolver using DNSAPI.DLLApr 15, 2002. This is a DNS resolver using the dnsapi.dll, it can do all sorts of DNS lookups and not just simple a record lookup like the Dns class in the .NET framework.

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