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  • The Matrix Class and TransformationsApr 01, 2004. Matrices play a vital role in the transformation process. In GDI+, the Matrix class represents a 3×2 matrix that contains x, y, and w values in the first, second, and third columns, respectively.
  • A Simple Virtual Voltmeter Using GDI+ and the GP-3 BoardDec 07, 2003. This is a less complex, nevertheless interesting example of how to use the same board to create a simple voltmeter.
  • A Virtual Clock in C# and GDI+Jul 01, 2003. This article describes how to create a virtual clock in C#. The hands of the clock are drawn using GraphicPaths.
  • Spiro DesignerSep 16, 2002. Spiro designer is a partial implementation of Spirograph. Spiro Designer uses the Matrix and GraphicsPath classes with their Transform and Rotate methods to build a spiro.
  • Playing with 3-D Coordinate Space in C#, GDI+ and .NETJan 10, 2002. This article show to dealing with a 3-D Coordinate System.
  • CartWheel Man - Animating GraphicPathsNov 27, 2001. This simple application illustrates how GraphicsPaths can be animated to look like something is moving across the screen.
  • ShapedForms in C#Jul 13, 2001. Today Windows always appear with a rectangular shape. What if you could have a window that was shaped like a circle, a square or a triangle or any shape you want.
  • Using Transforms with GDI+ in C#Mar 15, 2001. Transforms are matrices that allow you to rotate and translate your graphics shapes. In this example we are going to rotate a very powerful element in C# called the GraphicsPath.

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