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  • Take and Skip Operator In LINQ to SQLDec 06, 2012. In this article I am going to explain the Take and Skip operators in LINQ to SQL. The Take operator is used to return a given number of rows from a database table and the Skip operator skips over a specifed number of rows in a database table.
  • Skip Metro Start Screen and Boot Directly Into Desktop in Windows 8Dec 28, 2012. In this article we are explaining how to directly boot in desktop screen in windows 8.
  • Skip Operator Using LINQOct 23, 2012. Today, in this article let’s play around with one of the interesting and most useful concepts in LINQ.
  • How to Use Take/TakeWhile and Skip/SkipWhile in LINQJun 07, 2011. In continuation of my previous article, today we shall see about Take/TakeWhile and Skip/SkipWhile methods and their usage.
  • Building Real Time Applications With Firebase Database And AngularMar 16, 2018. Firebase helps us make development faster, so we can skip the development part where we build API and database objects like stored procedure.
  • SQL Sequence Vs Identity ColumnFeb 06, 2018. Let’s take a look at what a Sequence is in relation to an Identity Column in SQL Server. Did you know Sequence even existed? I didn’t until I was asked about them. It’s amazing how much you can skip over and never notice in SSMS. See this little folder, ever notice it under Programmability in Management Studio. Yep it’s there, SQL Server has this very handy thing called Sequences. Sequences are a relatively new feature that have only existed since SQL Server 2012, but have long existed in Oracle (where there a no identity columns).
  • ASP.NET Core Apps In Docker SwarmJan 23, 2018. First, we need a few Virtual Machines to make a cluster of machines to run Docker on. I am using Windows 10 and will use Hyper-V for this purpose. If you’re using another OS then skip the first part of the tutorial where I setup VMs.
  • AppIntro Library Using Android ApplicationDec 05, 2017. In this article I am creating a simple app that contains few intro slides with next and skip navigation.The user can navigate through each slide using swipe gesture or using the next button.
  • Debugging Tips - Part ThreeNov 06, 2017. While working on a complex code, we often come across situations where you need to debug lots of code to find/fix the issue(s). That also includes going through lots of methods (probably related or unrelated). .NetFramework provides a way to avoid unwanted "Step in" through the methods. Using DebuggerStepThrough (using System.Diagnostics) attribute, you can skip debugging of unwanted methods and reduce the debugging time to some extent.
  • Getting Started With ASP.NET Core And Angular 4 Using WEB APISep 06, 2017. In this article, let’s see how to get started with ASP.NET Core and using Web API. Select depending on your need and install the Visual Studio 2017 on your computer. If you have already installed Visual Studio 2017 then skip this part.
  • LINQ - Partitioning OperatorsApr 04, 2016. In this article you will learn about Partitioning Operators in LINQ. We will learn about LINQ Partitioning Operators: Skip, SkipWhile and Take, TakeWhile.
  • Partitioning Operators and Paging Using Partitioning Operators in LINQMar 12, 2015. In this article we will learn about partitioning operators and paging using partitioning operators in LINQ.
  • To Zip Multiple Files into one zip fileJul 26, 2007. Describing how to zip more than one file into single zip file and how to skip zip file more zipping.

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