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  • Steps For Effective Sprint PlanningDec 28, 2017. In this article, we will learn steps for Effective Sprint Planning.
  • Working With Sprints At Your Visual Studio Online Team ProjectAug 02, 2016. In this article, you will learn about working with Sprints at your Visual Studio Online Team Project.
  • Retrospective Meetings Jan 05, 2018. This article discusses the importance of retrospective meetings in a Sprint.
  • The Burn Up Charts In ScrumJan 04, 2018. I would like to propose the less taken path in my maiden article to track the progress in scrum. We usually do it using the burn down chart which is relatively easier to understand as compared to Burn up chart. These charts help the team and stakeholders to see and track the progress at any point in the release process or sprint.
  • Scrum Master and T-World vs D-WorldMay 18, 2015. This article explains Agile Scrum, how to improve productivity and increase sprint acceptance.
  • Velocity in AgileAug 21, 2013. Velocity is a metric that predicts for the agile software development team how much work the team can able to complete within a sprint.
  • LINQ FAQ Part 2Jul 14, 2009. This FAQ article is dedicated to LINQ to SQL. In this article we will see a basic example of LINQ to SQL, how to define 1-1 and 1-many relationship using LINQ, how we can optimize LINQ queries, execution of stored procedures using LINQ and finally we will see a simple CRUD example using LINQ to SQL. For past some days I was running small sprint to complete this marathon I hope you will like this article.
  • Simple 6 steps to use stored procedure in LINQJul 08, 2009. This is an extremely small article which describes how to flourish LINQ objects using stored procedure. What provoked me to write this article is the ‘ExecuteMethodCall’ function which helps to execute stored procedures in LINQ. As this is a protected function it changes the way you architect the DAL using ‘DataContext’ class and probably you would like to tweak and consider some options here. You can see more details of it when you read through the steps below. I am writing a huge series of LINQ FAQ and these small articles form small sprints to complete the huge FAQ series. I hope you enjoy it.

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