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  • Tricks And Shortcuts To Use Visual Studio Like A Pro and Double Your Code SpeedMar 07, 2018. In this article I’m going to show you lots of tricks and shortcut keys in Visual Studio so you can write code faster.
  • Master Plan For Your Email MarketingMar 01, 2018. Take a look at these email marketing strategies which are followed by top marketing pros
  • Basics Of Angular And Its Versions - Part FourJan 28, 2018. The goal of an Angular team is to provide better performance in a optimized way which results in faster page loading and quicker change detection. So, an Angular team provides two types of compilers and both have their own pros and cons. Based on the need we have to select the compiler.
  • Pro Tips To Load Image From Image Assest Jan 05, 2018. In this article, we will see how we can categorize our images in our iOS project and load them more effectively without moving to Image Assets all time
  • Using Global Constant Like A ProJan 03, 2018. In our code, most of the time we use constants (Ex: cell Identifier, some static text, maybe certain height). It’s good practice to use constants instead of variables whenever possible.
  • How To Optimize SharePoint Custom Pages Using HTML 5 IndexedDB APIDec 07, 2017. In this article we will discuss another obvious performance issue with SharePoint Solutions involving large volumes of data transactions surfacing in SharePoint Custom Pages.
  • Firebase Push Notifications In Ionic Pro For iOS DevicesNov 25, 2017. As there is no support of push notifications in Ionic Pro so far, it’s a big pain for developers handling push notifications.
  • Uploading Ionic App On Ionic View In Ionic ProNov 23, 2017. Some of the ionic commands are deprecated in the newer version of ionic, which is called ionic pro. One of them is “ionic upload” that was used to upload the ionic app in ionic view for testing purposes.
  • Cloud Platform Basics - Welcome To The New IT WorldSep 24, 2017. If you are an IT Leader, software developer, or IT PRO you need to understand cloud platforms, as they are going to play a big part in the future. In this article, I will explain how enterprises, businesses, government bodies etc. can and should use cloud platforms.
  • Pros And Cons Of Money DataTypeJun 02, 2017. Pros And Cons Of Money DataType.
  • What Is New In Surface ProMay 23, 2017. What Is New In Surface Pro
  • The Law Of DemeterJan 12, 2017. This article will explain several pros and cons of the Law of Demeter.
  • Pros And Cons Of Code RefactoringJan 09, 2017. Code Refactoring is an important part of software development. This article will explain the benefits and drawbacks of code refactoring.
  • Cloning Objects In .NET FrameworkDec 26, 2016. In this article, we will show the ways to clone objects in .NET Framework. We will analyze the pros and cons for each cloning method.
  • Angular or React - For Decision MakersDec 01, 2016. This article talks about pros and cons of Angular 2 and React that may help your decision making when building your next Web application.
  • What To Expect In Surface Pro 5Nov 25, 2016. A list of new upgrades in Surface Pro 5.
  • I Don't See Google Search Engine in Microsoft EdgeNov 01, 2016. How to set Google Search engine in Microsoft Edge web browser.
  • Approaches For Showing The Tasks Assigned To The Logged In User From The Current Site Collection Using Office 365 And SharePoint OnlineSep 02, 2016. In this article, I am going to show the various approaches, their pros and cons to show the tasks, assigned to the current user, across the site collection.
  • The IT Pro Interview - Part 2May 17, 2016. In this article you will learn Interview with renowned IT Pro and MVP Aidan Finn.
  • The IT Pro Interview - Part 1May 10, 2016. Interview with renowned IT Pro and MVP Aidan Finn.
  • Upgrade Windows 10 Home To Windows 10 ProJan 15, 2016. In this article you will learn how to upgrade from Windows 10 Home edition to Windows 10 pro.
  • Surface Pro 4 or Surface Book: What Should I BuyOct 12, 2015. Which device should you buy, Surface Pro 4 or Surface Book.
  • Basics of Automation TestingSep 02, 2015. This article explains about what is automation testing, pros and cons of automation testing, etc.
  • OWASP #5 Security Misconfiguration : Hardening your ASP.NET AppApr 02, 2015. There has been two resounding key points that have continued to surface when you’re analyzing each of these security flaws that might not be immediately obvious: authorization failure and application leakage. I bring that up now so you have an opportunity to see the pattern that continues to surface.
  • Dependency Injection Using Microsoft Unity FrameworkFeb 01, 2015. This article explains Dependency Injection using Microsoft Unity.
  • Meet C# Recursion: Self-Calling Methods ExplainedDec 17, 2014. This article rovides a brief introduction to recursion; its definition, pros, cons and a practical example.
  • Binary Cracking and Byte Patching With IDA ProNov 19, 2014. This article explains one of the amazing tactics of patching the binary code and the production of a new executable file using IDA Pro.
  • Applied Reverse Engineering With IDA ProNov 13, 2014. In this article you will learn Live Binary Sample Target, Target Analysis with IDA Pro, cracking the Target and an alternative way of tracing.
  • Various Cache Clearing MethodologiesOct 10, 2014. This article contains various sorts of cache clearing approaches, their pros and cons and browser cache clearing options.
  • It Is Time To Buy Surface Pro 3May 21, 2014. Yesterday, Microsoft announced Surface Pro 3, the new addition to the product line that is a larger, lighter, thinner and more powerful device.
  • Behavioral TargetingApr 03, 2014. This article exlains Behavioral Targeting, its pros and cons and how it's affecting our social and networked lifestyle.
  • Upgrading Windows 7 to Windows 8Dec 22, 2012. This article helps you to upgrade Windows 7 to the new Windows 8 PRO version.
  • Difference Between Loose Coupling and Tight CouplingDec 19, 2012. The pros and cons Loose Coupling and Tight Coupling.
  • Understanding How Assert Effects Security in VB.NETNov 10, 2012. This article expalins about how asserts effect security in VB.NET. How you restrict access to your library modules and resources requires that you understand the pros and cons in the security process used.
  • Enum Support (EF Designer) in Entity Framework 5Sep 27, 2012. Entity Framework 5 brings number of improvements and Enum Support in EF Designer or Code First is one of them. In this post you will learn it by creating a simple console application then will add EF Designer and will sketch the Model on designer surface.
  • Are You Ready For Surface Tablet?Aug 21, 2012. The Microsoft Surface Tablet is a little different from other Tablets out there including the iPad. At least for Microsoft developers.
  • What is new in SharePoint 2013Jul 19, 2012. Today I am excited to author my first article about SharePoint 2013 or SharePoint 15, the next version of SharePoint.
  • Flyout Control in a Windows 8 HTML JavaScript Metro ApplicationJan 13, 2012. In this article, I will discuss how to work with a Flyout in Windows 8 Metro application. Flyout is a type of UI surface in Windows 8 metro application.
  • Determine SharePoint 2010 Upgrade ApproachMar 17, 2011. Planning the right SharePoint 2010 upgrade approach suitable for your organization carries a lot of importance. Here we see pros and cons of each approach.
  • Surface Effect in Silverlight 4 - Magnify EffectJun 16, 2010. In this article we will see about magnify effect in Silverlight 4.
  • The installed battery may not be properly connected to the computerMay 03, 2010. Recently I upgraded my laptop from Windows 7 Home Premium to Windows 7 Pro and started getting this annoying error message.
  • WPF Drawing BrushFeb 16, 2010. The Drawing object in WPF represents a 2-D drawing that include shapes, text, video, image and other drawings. A Drawing Brush represented by the DrawingBrush object paints a surface with a drawing.
  • GDI+ ApplicationNov 01, 2009. In this article we move to the more practical aspects of writing graphics applications using GDI+ in the .NET Framework.
  • One Way Operation in WCFSep 08, 2009. This article will discuss about One Way Operations in WCF. I am also going to explain One Way Operation with Session full service pros and cons.
  • Chapter 1: Hello LINQFeb 06, 2008. This is an exert from Joseph C. Rattz, Jr.'s book Pro LINQ. Here you learn how to use Linq in your application and also depicts the benefits of using Linq.
  • Building applications with DLinq DesignerJul 01, 2006. DLinq designer is the visual design surface to create the entity objects and bound the controls to the dlinq objects with relationships. We can easily create the windows form using the designer. The developer need not take more time to design the User Interface. The designer itself suggests you the controls suitable for the selected fields.
  • Sokoban Pro Game in C#Jan 21, 2005. Sokoban Pro is a modern version of the classic Sokoban puzzle game. The game rules are extremely simple, yet the game is very challenging and addictive. The rule of the game is to move all the boxes in the right places. You can only push a box, not pull.
  • Using Tablet PC Ink on Windows ControlsJun 23, 2004. You can use any control as a surface for the ink and can write on these controls using a Tablet PC pen. To make a control ink enabled, you must have to assign the handle of the control to InkOverlay handle.
  • Directory Picker Pro in C#Nov 24, 2003. In my latest project I needed a dialog for picking a directory. I searched through the web, but found nothing that looked nice. First of all I wanted a TreeView for display, and I wanted to view all system drives (with correct names and icons).
  • Pros and Cons of ActiveX and DHTML ControlsSep 16, 2003. This document shows a comparison study of web pages using simple ASP and ActiveX Controls. By the End of this document, we arrive at a conclusion of which one to use when.
  • Modal Popup Dialog Window in ASP.NETSep 15, 2003. This sample show you how to create modal popup dialog window in ASP.NET that passes and returns multiple parameters.
  • Pro Developer: This is BusinessFeb 25, 2003. I've been paying the rent as a professional software developer since the 80s. I've also worked both full time and part time as a musician for longer than that. In my travels, I've come to recognize a great many similarities between programmers and musicians. Both have the fire, passion and soul of the artist. And all too often, both are incredibly naïve when it comes to the business end of things. Business - you know, that aspect of your work where they actually pay you at the end of the day?
  • Pro Developer: Throwing Money Out the WindowDec 18, 2002. It's common knowledge among programmers that most of the ills of the software industry, and most particularly the companies where we work, could be solved by simply letting the technical people make the technical decisions. In fact, that sounds so obvious that you might be tempted to shake your head and wonder what planet I come from. Obviously, since this is so incredibly logical and sensible, it's a given that most companies leave management decisions to managers, and technical decisions to techies, right?
  • Pro Developer Series: Improving Your Career In Any EconomyNov 20, 2002. Like many other areas of business, the tech industry has weathered the occasional slump over the past few decades.
  • Pro Developer Series : Creating Your Dream ProjectOct 22, 2002. The problem with most programmers is that they've lived a rather monochromatic life.
  • Drawing Transparent Images and Shapes using Alpha BlendingApr 22, 2002. Alpha blending is a process of mixing colors and generating a transparent affect. To test this, you draw some graphics shapes on a surface and draw image on top of those shapes and you should be able to see the shapes.
  • Time TickerJun 26, 2001. Graphics Class encapsulates a GDI+ drawing surface. The FromHWND method is used to create a new instance of the Graphics class from a window handle. Clear method fills the entire drawing surface with the specified RGB color by using Color class. DrawString method draws a string using Font and SolidBrush classes.

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