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  • Expression Bodied Members In C#Jan 18, 2018. What is Expression Bodied Members?1) Expression Bodied member is introduced in C#6.0 and enhanced in C#7.0. 2) Expression Bodied is a new technique or implementation to make code concise and readable. 3) Expression Bodied makes the type member(Constructor, Destructor, Methods, Property, Indexer) defined in a single expression. 4) Expression Bodied members can only be applied to the below list of type members: Constructor introduced in C#7.0 Destructor introduced in C#7.0 Property get accessor introduced in C#6.0 Property set accessor introduced in C#7.0 Methods introduced in C#6.0 Indexer introduced in C#7.0 The Syntax of expression body definition is:member => expression; where expression should be a valid expression and member can be any from above list of type members.Suppose we have a method or constructor that contain a single expression or line of code. Then In spite of using the traditional way to write code inside a method or constructor code block, we can write them as a single syntax. Those members who can follow this approach is known as Expression Bodied Members.
  • Making An E-Learning Platform For Microsoft Azure - Part OneOct 23, 2017. As web developers with a 'traditional' VB or C# asp / .net background, we are quite blessed with the sheer breadth of infrastructure, components, libraries and tooling given to us not only by Microsoft by default, but also by the wider projects in open source made available by the many generous members of the wider .net community.
  • Introduction To Machine Learning In AzureOct 04, 2017. In this article, we will see what machine learning is and how it differs from traditional programming.
  • What Is Meant By Big DataSep 04, 2017. Big data is a term that describes the large volume of data - both structured and unstructured - that overload a business on a day to day basis.But it's not the amount of data that's important.It's what all the - organisations do with the data that matters big data can be analyzed for insights thats load to better decisions and strategic business moves "Big data" is similar to "small data",but it is bigger in size.Big data is the collection of both structured and unstructured data which are from different sources like social data,machine generated data and traditional enterprises.
  • Using Category To Store Your Master DataAug 08, 2017. In every CRM implementation, we deal with some sort of master data in CRM. Normally we use the traditional way to store master records by creating custom entities. But we do have a better way to store master data using Category entity.
  • Crazy Factory Pattern And Direct Object Creation ProblemJun 18, 2017. Direct object creation design and problem analysis; how to connect with anti-pattern; concept of factory pattern; when, where and why to use it; the benefits; conditional factory pattern and problem analysis; improvement of traditional factory pattern.
  • SharePoint List Threshold Issue: The Traditional ProblemJun 14, 2016. In this article, you will learn how to resolve the SharePoint List Threshold issue.
  • Preparing For .NET Interviews: Traditional And Generic Collections - Part EightMay 19, 2016. This article presents the common questions asked in .NET interviews related to traditional and generic collections and explains the answers easily.
  • ASP.NET MVC 5 - First Web Application: Part 1Oct 31, 2015. This article guide us why MVC is better in comparison to traditional ASP.NET and also show how to develop first application in MVC.
  • Overview of Traditional and Modern Way of Software TestingAug 15, 2015. This article provides an overview of traditional and modern software testing.
  • Function Overloading in 2 WaysMay 10, 2014. Here we learn the simple traditional way to implement function overloading.
  • Node.JS vs Traditional Scripting LanguagesApr 21, 2014. This article provides a comparison between Node.JS and other scripting languages, especially the most popular scripting languages of the current decade. I will provide some valid arguments, examples and facts.
  • Advanced JavaScript: Function Definition Style in JavaScriptNov 06, 2013. In this article we will see the traditional approach of function definition and JavaScript’s own style of doing it.
  • Working With Semantic Elements in HTML5 With Layout Examples : Part 1Sep 10, 2013. In this article, we'll learn working of HTML5 New Semantic Elements and we also learn designing of traditional html layout.
  • Planning Farm Topology in SharePoint 2013 - PART IISep 10, 2013. In this article we can learn various types of topology available in SharePoint 2013.
  • Planning Farm Topology in SharePoint 2013: Part ISep 09, 2013. In this article we can learn various types of topology available in SharePoint 2013.
  • SQL-CLR For Beginners: Part-4: Consume C# Class in Stored ProcedureSep 04, 2013. In this article we will learn how to use traditional C# class within SQL-CLR Application.
  • Display App in Full Screen With Windows TaskbarAug 05, 2012. In this article we will learn to do the above mentioned task step-wise, we will change the form style so that we don’t have any borders as in traditional windows forms app, we will also find out the width of windows taskbar and also the location of the taskbar so that our app occupies the best fit location on the screen.
  • Let's play around with LINQ Queries in C#.NETDec 08, 2011. Today, we will play around using LINQ Queries in C#.NET effectively. Let’s try to use some of the predefined methods of LINQ Queries and let’s dig out and find how to write LINQ rather than traditional way of using normal Classes.
  • The Power of Computed ColumnsJun 20, 2011. Computed Columns remain to be an unused feature in SQL Server. But if efficiently used, they can give us good flexibility and speed over the traditional approach.
  • Create an Analysis Services ProjectJun 13, 2011. SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS) provides a unified and integrated view of all your business data as the foundation for all of your traditional reporting, online analytical processing (OLAP) analysis, Key Performance Indicator (KPI) scorecards, and data mining.
  • System Analyst: Part 1May 05, 2011. The System Analyst is an “IT Business Analyst” who selects and configures computer systems for an organization or business. He is the one who guides through the development of an information system.
  • Prerequirement of REMOTINGApr 07, 2011. It is Microsoft technology for developing distributed applications, replacing traditional DCOM. All distributed technology needs consuming libraries present on remote machines.
  • Accelerometer and Location service in Windows Phone 7 Nov 23, 2010. Windows Phone 7 that provide information about the outside world. With the user’s permission, the location service lets your application obtain the phone’s location on the earth in the traditional geographic coordinates of longitude and latitude, whereas the accelerometer tells your program which way is down.
  • Speed of LambdaNov 01, 2010. In this article I am trying to compare the speed difference of Lambda expressions with traditional programming. The results are mind-blowing.
  • Basics Of Data Communication: Part 7Aug 02, 2010. This article will explain, Introduction to LAN, MAN and MAC, IEEE Standards, LAN, Topologies in very detailed.
  • Implement Master Pages in SilverlightAug 21, 2009. There are several posts about how to implement the master page feature in Silverlight. So the question is do we really need this master page feature in Silverlight. If there is an advantage to use the master page features in ASP.NET, then I can’t see a reason why Silverlight can’t take advantage of this as well. This article will demonstrate how to build a traditional master page style application in Silverlight.
  • Sending Email with C# using SMTP ServersAug 01, 2005. This article will explain how we can send emails using SMTP servers.
  • Hello World in different StylesJan 09, 2004. I've attempted to write the traditional 'Hello World' in different styles. This explores the different possibilities of addressing a problem - 'Hello World' with different features of C# language and .NET framework.
  • MWLabels and MWScrolllabels v3.0Apr 14, 2003. MWLabeland MWScrollLabels are back (v3.0). This time you can choose which StringFormat you want to use: traditional GenericDefault or GenericTypographic. GenericDefault is like a normal Label and GenericTypographic is what has been used in the previous versions of MWLabel and MWScrollLabel.
  • .NET Static Variables : Better than Application!Feb 22, 2002. In traditional ASP, we always had the Application object to store application-wide variables in.

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