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  • Increase Data Disk Size In AzureFeb 11, 2018. Retaining data in the same VM requires us to increase the disk space when the utilization of allocated space is full. Increasing the disk space in Azure is quite easy with a few clicks.
  • Creating A Windows Virtual Machine On The Azure Portal And Expanding The OS DiskNov 28, 2017. This article demonstrates how to create a Virtual Machine on the Azure portal and also how to expand the OS Disk for high space availability.
  • Pop Up Menu Android ApplicationSep 20, 2017. In this article, I will show you how to create a pop up menu Android App using Android studio. Android Popup Menu displays the menu below the anchor text if space is available otherwise above the anchor text. It disappears if you click outside the popup menu.
  • Remove U+200B (Zero-Width Space) In RichTextHTML Field SharePointAug 22, 2017. In this article, we will explore how to resolve the error that arrives while implementing the validation to enhanced/rich text box of SharePoint 2013 using jQuery. We will call this error the “Zero-width space” issue.
  • Calculate Data Row Space Usage In SQL ServerApr 14, 2016. In this article you will learn how to calculate Data Row Space usage In SQL Server.
  • Disk Cleanup In Windows 10Mar 07, 2016. Here are some of the options you may use to free up disk space in a Windows 10 PC.
  • Microsoft Azure: Creating Virtual Machine And Adding Extra Disk Drive To ItJan 21, 2016. In this article, we are going to create a simple virtual machine using Microsoft Azure and will add extra drive (space) for this machine.
  • Delete Windows.old Folder In WindowsJan 05, 2016. In this article we will learn how to delete windows.old folder or clean the disc space from windows.
  • Using Pex And Microsoft Code Digger To Better Understand And Test Your CodeOct 30, 2015. In this article you will learn how to use Pex and Microsoft Code Digger to better understand and Test Your Code.
  • How SQL Server Stores Data in Data Pages: Part 2Apr 22, 2015. In this article we'll learn how SQL allocates and manages space when storing records in data pages.
  • How to Free Up Space On Your Windows 8 PCFeb 17, 2015. Tips to cleanup hard drive space on your PC.
  • Internet of Things ExplainedDec 29, 2014. This article explains Internet of Things. Smart devices, embedded and wearable computing will added to the data of the Internet. The Internet of Things (IoT) is the interconnection of uniquely identifiable devices.
  • Importance of Testing From Developer's Point of ViewNov 26, 2014. From this article you will learn the importance of testing from the developer's point of view.
  • How to Remove Space From the GridView Cell in C#Apr 01, 2014. This article describes how to remove &nbsp from the cells in a Grid in C#.
  • Best Tool to Write BlogsMar 02, 2014. In this article I will talk about Windows Live Writer 2012. If you like to write blogs then it is very useful to you.
  • Looking Deep Into Storage Structure For SQL ServerDec 25, 2013. This article is looking deep into storage structures starting with the Heap table. This is something to become familiar with as part of the basics of SQL Server internals.
  • Code Optimization TechniquesMay 29, 2013. Optimization of code is done by applying code transformations to improve performance, like execution time, code size, minimum resource utilization etcetera. These transformations can be made either at a high level or at a low level.
  • Changes in BDC in SharePoint 2013Dec 26, 2012. With every new version of SharePoint, Microsoft is improving the Business Connectivity space of the product. As with any product, expectations grow with progressive versions. New versions do not always fulfill the expectations. Here are a few things that are changing in SP 2013 from SP2010 and MOSS 2007.
  • Set Up Line Spacing Between Multiple Lines of Text in Word 2013Dec 13, 2012. In this article I am going to explain how to set up line spacing between multiple lines of text in Word 2013.
  • Set Up Line Spacing Between Paragraphs in Word 2013Dec 13, 2012. This article describes how to set up line spacing between paragraphs in Word 2013.
  • Space Function in SQL Server 2012Nov 29, 2012. This article will give you an idea of how to use the space function in SQL Server.
  • Change the Disk Space Used By Internet Explorer in Windows 8Nov 20, 2012. This article is helpful for understandiing how to fix the disk space to be used for temporary internet files in Internet Explorer in Windows 8.
  • CSS Properties in HTML : Level-1Oct 11, 2012. Tody, we are going to discuss the CSS Properties with examples.
  • CSS Border Property in HTML: Part 2Oct 08, 2012. The CSS border properties allow you to specify the style and color of an element's border.
  • Creating Black and White Image Using HTML5Jun 06, 2012. In this article we learn how to create a Black and White image from a Color image using HTML5.
  • Get the Total Free Space Available on a DriveMay 27, 2012. In this article, I am showing how we can get the total free space on a Drive.
  • Erasing a Hard Disk to Free Disk Space For Windows 8Apr 04, 2012. How to erase a hard disk to free space in Windows 8
  • Canvas Horizontal and Vertical Drag Using HTML 5Mar 24, 2012. In this article we are going to understand horizontal and vertical dragging using the HTML 5 canvas. In this section, drag and drop the the yellow rectangle and observe that it can only move horizontally. Drag and drop the white rectangle and observe that it can only move vertically while the application is running in the browser.
  • Programmer's Skill : White Box TestingFeb 07, 2012. In this article we are discussing white box testing and related techniques as well.
  • Describing the Java PackagesDec 17, 2011. A package is a grouping of related types providing access protection and name space management. Here types means classes, interfaces, enumerations, and annotation.
  • Perform Action on Web Application Using White FrameworkDec 08, 2011. Using this user would be able to transfer control from WaTiN framework to White Framework to perform action on target web site which is not provided by WaTin.
  • White: An automation Framework for windows application Dec 01, 2011. This article exposes how to use White framework for UI automation of Windows application and how to create Automation test script using White.
  • Paging and Sorting in ASP.Net GridViewOct 31, 2011. The GridView control provides you with an easy way to display the number of items on a page without taking much space, with the help of paging. You can enable the paging feature in the GridView control in seconds. The built-in paging is pretty good if you are fetching less than 100 items.
  • Set Space From Both Left And Right Side Using Blockquote Tag in HTML5Jul 13, 2011. The Blockquote tag set white space on both left and right side of document. It is mostly use for long quotation and it renders paragraph breaks.
  • What’s New in Silverlight 5? - Control and Text ImprovementsMay 12, 2011. In this article, we’ll have a brief discussion of the new features of controls and text in Silverlight 5.
  • Creating an Entity Data Model (Entity Framework 4.0)Feb 22, 2011. The ADO.NET Entity Framework is a new data access platform from Microsoft for writing .NET applications. It is a set of technologies in ADO.NET that helps fill in the space between object-oriented.
  • Working with Isolated Storage in SilverlightFeb 04, 2011. Isolated storage gives you access to a small segment of hard-disk space, with certain limitations. For example we don't know exactly where our files will be stored.
  • Black box & White box testingOct 19, 2010. This article provides an insight to Black box & White box testing types.
  • Memory Handling on NULL Values Using Sparse ColumnsOct 11, 2010. Sparse columns is a new feature in SQL Server 2008. Thr feature enables us to store null values effectively. Ideally, if the column is NULL, then the data won't be stored in the database and it's cost effective solution to save the space. If your table has more Null values, we can use this solution.
  • Silverlight Invaders - Designing Games in Silverlight 4.0 Part IAug 26, 2010. Silverlight Invaders is based on the classic space invaders game. This article will step you through some of the techniques for creating a 2D first person shooter game using Silverlight 4.0
  • Attribute or Styles in GDI+ Dec 21, 2009. In this article I will explain about Attribute or Styles in GDI+.
  • Colors, Fonts, and Text in GDI+Dec 16, 2009. In this article I will explain about Colors, Fonts, and Text in GDI+.
  • Best Practice No 4:- Improve bandwidth performance of ASP.NET sites using IIS compressionSep 16, 2009. Bandwidth performance is one of the critical requirements for every website. In today's time major cost of the website is not hard disk space but its bandwidth. So transferring maximum amount of data over the available bandwidth becomes very critical. In this article we will see how we can use IIS compression to increase bandwidth performance.
  • Isolated storage space in SilverlightAug 26, 2009. Isolated storage is a mechanism which, provide data storage isolation and safety by defining standardized ways of associating code with saved data. Standardization provides some more benefits as well.
  • ViewBox in SilverlightAug 04, 2009. Silverlight ViewBox control defines a content decorator that can stretch and scale a single child to fill the available space. This article demonstrates how to use a ViewBox control.
  • .NET Best PracticesSep 17, 2008. The attached white paper with this article discusses .NET best practices.
  • Software Testing TechniquesJul 16, 2008. This article tells us that Testing should systematically uncover different classes of errors in a minimum amount of time and with a minimum amount of effort. Because of the fallibility of its human designers and its own abstract, complex nature, software development must be accompanied by quality assurance activities.
  • C# Introduction to Fuzzy Computing: Part INov 15, 2006. Boolean logic often fails to adequately simulate real-world conditions because things are never simply just black and white (or zeroes and ones) but exist in millions of shades of grey. This article is a brief introduction to the subject of fuzzy computing through demonstration of a few of the core principles using a fuzzy controller.
  • A Practical Approach to .NET Testing using Visual Studio 2005 Test Team SuiteMar 22, 2006. This article will cover practical approach to White box Testing Techniques using Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Test Team Suite. It covers concepts with a simple, easy to follow example.
  • Migrating Java RMI to .NET RemotingJan 16, 2006. .Net Remoting and Java RMI are mechanisms that allow the user to invoke method/methods in another address space. The other address space could be on the same machine or a different one. These two mechanisms can be regarded as RPC in an object-oriented fashion. This article describes how to migrate java RMI applications to .NET Remoting applications, with practical examples.
  • Creating a Simple WebPart Page and Use WebServer Controls as WebPartsJan 10, 2006. Portal web sites such as MY MSN and MSN Spaces, often organize their data into discrete units that support a degree of personalization. Information is organized into standalone parts [WebParts], and users can rearrange those parts to suit their individual working styles. Here we will see how to add web parts to a web part page.
  • Space Invaders for C# and .NETJun 29, 2005. This is an update of the space invaders game posted on C# Corner 3 years ago for Visual Studio 2005. This version adds spiraling bombs and a ship lives indicator.
  • Coloring the Console in C# Oct 25, 2004. When working with console applications in C#, you always see a black and white screen. What if we want to change the background color of the console? We can change the foreground and background color of our console application by using win32 API SetConsoleTextAttribute().
  • A Scheduled Application Launcher Service in C# and .NETOct 06, 2004. This an article is on launching scheduled tasks. Not quite as exciting as launching a spaceship into outer space, but…hey, even astronauts have to automate some of their day to day activities.
  • Moving to ASP.NET: Part 1Aug 24, 2004. The attached white paper, Moving to ASP.NET, examines trends in the adoption of ASP.NET, and provides guidelines for selecting the migration approach that best meets specific business needs.
  • Using the Tablet PC as a Flashing Restaurant Menu in C# and .NETJun 08, 2004. This is a simple application written for a restaurant using Tablet PC that allows you to list such things as lunch specials and have the colors on the board change randomly to produce an interesting flashing sign effect.
  • Real Time Communications in .NETMar 12, 2004. This white paper shares concepts of real time communications in .Net and its applicability in real world. A real-time communication system is used in applications where time is a critical factor.
  • Report Generation in .NETFeb 27, 2004. Report generation is an integral part of enterprise application development. Choosing the right kind of report generation strategy decides the success of the application in terms of cost and performance. The white paper discusses some of the key factors that need to be considered when architecting reporting systems in .NET and C#.
  • Host Integration Server 2000 : An OverviewFeb 24, 2004. This white paper highlights some of the features offered by Microsoft's Host Integration Server 2000. This white paper also gives an overview of key benefits and features in Host Integration Server 2000.
  • State Management in Web FormsFeb 18, 2004. This white paper discusses the ways in which the state management can be handled in web forms. State management can be done either on client side or server side as explained below.
  • Testing .NET applicationsFeb 16, 2004. This white paper shares vision and challenges in testing .NET applications. Never before, has any technology or framework tried bringing many disparate systems and languages under one roof for the benefit of enterprise applications.
  • Office11 Solution using .NET - A White PaperNov 25, 2003. This detailed white paper contains the information about Office 11 support for Microsoft .NET. It also explains Office 11 object model and how to access Word and Excel documents using Visual Studio .NET.
  • Space Breakout - 2D Game Developed using DirectX and C#Apr 11, 2002. GDI+ is a feature rich graphics API that makes sophisticated graphical effects highly accessible to the C# developers. Unfortunately if youve tried to develop smooth detailed animation using GDI+ you have undoubtedly discovered that just how slow it can be. Consequently it is not particularly suited to games development, if you want to really take advantage of your 1 gig + processor and that fancy new graphics card youre going to have to get a little more low level and dirty, enter Microsofts DirectX API.
  • Space Breakout - 2D Game Developed Using DirectX and C#Apr 11, 2002. GDI+ is a feature rich graphics API that makes sophisticated graphical effects highly accessible to the C# developers.
  • Space Remover UtilityMar 25, 2002. In this article, I want to show you how you can remove white spaces in a web page.
  • Playing with 3-D Coordinate Space in C#, GDI+ and .NETJan 10, 2002. This article show to dealing with a 3-D Coordinate System.
  • Space Invaders in C# and .NETDec 23, 2001. Yes, the classic arcade game has returned and is appearing in C# Corner complete with sound and authentic aliens and source code. It's not quite as good as the real game, but with a few adjustments it can get there.
  • Text to HTML ParserApr 05, 2001. If you have been into developing Web Applications then you might have at many times experienced that when you display multiple lines of data from a database you loose the spacing or formatting between multiple lines of data.

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