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  • Understanding SQL Server Yukon Service BrokerFeb 25, 2004. The new version of Microsoft SQL Serverâ„¢ Yukon comes together with a set of technologies capable of enlarging the horizon for database applications. One of the most remarkable technologies is the Service Broker that makes it possible to build database-intensive distributed applications. In this article we explore the core concepts of the Service Broker and show how to use its potentialities to build applications with message interchanging.
  • Interesting Facts Behind the Origin of SQL Server Code NamesAug 19, 2014. This article will enhance your knowledge of some hidden names of SQL Server and where they came from.
  • System Views and Functions in SQL Server 2005 by Steve on Jul 06, 2006 Jul 06, 2006. I tried to explore some basic TSQL functions and VIEWS in SQL Server 2005. I believe this would be useful when we write DDL-DML Statements.

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