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  • Table Splitting In Entity Framework Core 2.0Mar 06, 2018. One of the major benefits of the Entity Framework is that our entity model does not need to match our database model. With Table Splitting, it is possible to map multiple entities to the single database table.
  • Introduction To Bot Service In AzureNov 10, 2017. Bot used as an app that helps users interact in a conventional way. It may be as simple as basic pattern matching with a response or it may be sophisticated handling the artificial techniques with complex conversational state and integration to existing business services.
  • C# 7.0 And C# 7.1 New Features - Part TwoOct 16, 2017. This article explains the new features of C# 7.0 & C#7.1. It covers new features like Discards, Pattern Matching, Generalized async return types, Async Main (Main Method returning Task), Infer Tuple Element Names, Default Literal Expressions & Type Inference and Pattern Matching with Generics.
  • ASP.NET Core 2.0 Response CompressionOct 16, 2017. When you’re unable to use the compression features of web servers (IIS, Apache, Nginx), ASP.NET Core provides an alternate option, Response Compression middleware. It’s performance won’t match server based compression features though.
  • Creating Custom Routing Constraint In ASP.NET Core MVCJun 26, 2017. In this article, we'll learn how to create a custom routing constraint in ASP.NET Core MVC. Routing constraint is responsible for matching the constraint rules with incoming requests.
  • Working With Pattern Matching In C# 7.0Mar 26, 2017. This article explains about pattern matching introduced in C# 7.0 and demonstrates that how to use it in software development.
  • Pattern Matching In C# 7.0Jan 10, 2017. In this article, you will learn about pattern matching in C# 7.0.
  • Character Matching Game Using Universal Windows AppNov 18, 2016. In this article, you will learn about the character matching game, using Universal Windows app.
  • New features of C# 7.0May 05, 2016. In this article you will learn about some new features of C# 7.
  • Wild Card Operators In SQLAug 02, 2015. This article explains Wild Card Operators in SQL. Wildcard characters can be used in LIKE expressions; the percent sign (%) matches zero or more characters and underscore (_) a single character.
  • How to Match a Substring From a StringMar 27, 2015. This article descibes a program that will get a string and match it with a substring
  • Parallel Sorting, Exact Numeric Operations and Stamped Lock in Java 8Jan 16, 2015. This article describes some of the new features of Java 8
  • How to Get the List of Features Activated in SharePoint Web Application 2013 Using REST APIJul 24, 2014. This article explains how to get the list of Features enabled for a web application.
  • Interface Keyword in JavaApr 21, 2014. This article contains the exact description of interface in Java along with some easy and understandable illustrations with diagrams for practical aspects.
  • Match() Function In QlikViewMar 26, 2014. This article describes how the match() function will work when uploading a field and how to determine the position.
  • Regex Routing Using Backbone.JSFeb 28, 2014. In this article we will learn about Regular Expression Routing. If you want to be more selective in your routing and the route URL that matches the specified criteria then we can use a regular expression.
  • How to Return a Single Value of Unpredictable DataType From a FunctionFeb 21, 2014. In this article I show how to send a single value from a function when you don’t know the exact DataType of that value.
  • Getting Exact Location of Exception in C# CodeJan 28, 2014. This article is about determining the exact location of an exception in code.
  • Will Windows 8 Sink the Microsoft Ship?Dec 27, 2013. It has been more than a year since Windows 8 was introduced to the consumers. The date was Oct 26, 2012 to be exact. And here we are, still debating if Windows 8 is a failure.
  • Global Localization in Windows PhoneDec 23, 2013. This article provides two demonstrations. The first demonstration determines the actual position of the device (in other words the exact Longitude and Latitude). The second demonstration implements that information in a Bing Maps Control.
  • Mediator Design Pattern Using C#Dec 15, 2013. This article explains the exact purpose of the Mediator Design Pattern.
  • MatchEvaluator Delegate of a Regular Expression Replace Method in ASP.NetDec 10, 2013. This article explains the MatchEvaluator Delegate of a custom verification for each match found by a Regular Expression Replace method.
  • Constant Pattern Matching in F#Nov 21, 2013. In this article I will explain the Pattern Matching features of Match expressions and the Constant Pattern Matching in a F# console application.
  • Regular Expression in PHPSep 30, 2013. Regular expression is very useful for validation or pattern matching.
  • C# Corner Delhi Chapter Meet, 21 September, 2013: Official RecapSep 23, 2013. The C# Corner Delhi Chapter organized its monthly event at MCN Solutions Pvt. Ltd. It was another very successful session.
  • Routing in ASP.Net MVCSep 18, 2013. A route is a URL pattern. Routing is a pattern matching process that monitors the requests and determines what to do with each request.
  • jQuery UI AutocompleteAug 06, 2013. It helps to achieve the intellisense or to display the available options to the user for a particular input field. Basically it acts as a plugin when integrated with any textbox, start searching for the matching records (filtering the records from the available or the provided source) and display it to the user for the selection.
  • How To Develop Match Making Game Using C# in .Net 4.5Feb 13, 2013. In this article I will show how to develop a Match Making Game in C# with very simple steps.
  • RptPreview 1.1 using Crystal Reports Viewer in VB.NETNov 10, 2012. The following small application is designed to allow testing created reports with XML feeds used as data sources. The program checks that fields in report match to the fields in XML and then shows the report with loaded data in the report viewer.
  • Saving and Retrieving Web Page Control with SQL Server and VB.NETNov 10, 2012. This article describes a simple approach to storing, retrieving, and redisplaying web pages. Such might be useful if you need to store exact copies of confirmation pages (e.g., following a sales transaction) or something along those lines.
  • TreeView Controls in VB.NETNov 09, 2012. This is an article addressing some of the basics of working with a TreeView control; the article will address dynamically adding TreeNodes to a TreeView control, searching the nodes to find and highlight a single node or a collection of nodes matching a search term against the TreeNode's tag, text, or name properties, and manually or programmatically selecting nodes.
  • Simple But Interesting Features of VS 2012: Part 2Oct 30, 2012. This is continuation to my previous article Simple But Interesting Features of VS 2012: Part 1. Here are some more features which I have explored.
  • What Happens When Database Doesn't Match Conventions / Using OnModelCreating() Feature?Oct 20, 2012. This is just basic article and I'm not going to say anything new here but I will say things my way.
  • Matching Characters Using Regular Expressions in QTP in TestingOct 19, 2012. In this article we discuss various matching techniques for matching characters using Regular Expressions.
  • When Database Doesn't Match Conventions or Using OnModelCreating FeatureOct 17, 2012. This is just basic post and I’m not going to talk anything new here but going the talk things in my way. The very well-known question newbie asks on MVC and Entity Framework, how any conceptual database model communicates means how to actually target the names?
  • Concept of a Delegate in C#Nov 12, 2011. An interesting and useful property of a delegate is that it does not know or care about the class of the object that it references. Any object will do; all that matters is that the method's argument types and return type match the delegate's
  • Using the Confirm Attribute in MVC 3 EffectivelyNov 10, 2011. This article mainly focuses on how to make sure that the properties within the particular class are matched and operations are performed well.
  • Concept of Pattern Matching in FSharpOct 21, 2011. Pattern Matching is one of the most important tools of FSharp programming. In this article you will learn about different ways of Pattern Matching in FSharp.
  • Configurable String Matching SolutionAug 16, 2011. In this article we are presenting classes which can be used to formalize the string comparison. Applications can offer several comparison methods and then let the caller decide which one to use in every call to a function. Classes shown in this article can help build such functionality almost without effort.
  • Efficient String Matching Algorithm with Use of Wildcard CharactersAug 15, 2011. In this article we shall cover one common problem in textual data processing and that is how to match strings against patterns that may contain wildcard characters.
  • Pattern Matching in F#Jul 18, 2011. This article is a demonstration of Pattern Matching and various forms of Patterns. The people who want to learn F# can have a quick review.
  • How to configure ETag in IIS 6.0Apr 08, 2011. Entity tags (ETags) are a mechanism that web servers and browsers use to determine whether the component in the browser's cache matches the one on the origin server.
  • How to Create Custom User Login and Registration Page in ASP.Net MVC3 with Razor and Entity Framework: Part 2Apr 01, 2011. In this article I will describe how to match the required username and the password and redirect to a particular page from a Controller Class for a given employee in to the Log on Information
  • Disable Custom Error Mode In SharePoint 2010Feb 18, 2011. How to disable SharePoint custom error mode. It will be very useful when you work with custom development In SharePoint 2010. By default SharePoint will display predefined errors, not the exact errors raised by the custom code. The following steps will help you to disable custom errors in SharePoint.
  • Regular Expressions in C# Jan 28, 2010. In this article I will explain you about the Regular Expressions in C#.
  • Understanding Pattern Matching in F#Apr 30, 2008. F# introduces a code structure called pattern matching which allows you to perform some pretty interesting tasks in the language. This article will get you up to speed with this powerful technique in programming.
  • Query Optimization in SQL Server 2005Dec 19, 2007. This article offers suggestions on how to optimize query performance in SQL Server 2005.
  • Select Items with Where in LINQ and C#Jun 21, 2007. This article shows how to select exact match and in between items from a collection using LINQ and C#.
  • Regular Expression Usage in .Net EnvironmentApr 19, 2007. This article describes how to use regular expression in .Net.
  • PDF Search in SharePointSep 11, 2006. This is a small article that tells users about the PDF search in SharePoint. I have not included the exact steps that need to be taken because that has already been published before on many sites including Microsoft's. My objective is tell users where to start looking for resources if they want to search PDF documents in SharePoint.
  • NotePad.NET II - Find and Replace Inside a Document Using Regular ExpressionsSep 04, 2005. This article is a continuation of the discussion about a notepad.net editor which improves upon the current functionality in notepad. In this article we talk about regular expression matching inside the find dialog.
  • Configuring Publisher Policy FileFeb 20, 2004. Versioning in the Microsoft .NET Framework is managed at the assembly level and is only used when locating strong-named assemblies. By default, the common language runtime loads the assembly whose entire version number matches the version number in the calling assembly's metadata.
  • TCP Client and ServerSep 20, 2001. You need to compile the server and the client programs separately. Before compiling, change the IP address in both programs to match that of your machine (NOTE: You can get IP address of your machine if you run 'ipconfig' from the command prompt in Windows NT/2000 m/c's)
  • Snooping on C#.NET Regular ExpressionsJun 26, 2001. I present here two micro test utils, which will let you play with regular expressions. Regular expression( System.Text.RegularExpressions.Regex ) is a powerful class very useful for parsing, splitting or replacing texts.

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