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  • Customer Data Type Is Finally HereJun 10, 2016. This article is regarding new features in Dynamics CRM Update 1.
  • Using Await in Catch and Finally Blocks: A New Feature of C# 6.0Jan 13, 2015. In this article we will learn about the new features of C# 6.0, await in catch and finally blocks.
  • Exception in Finally BlockJan 02, 2015. This article explains what happens if a finally block throws an exception with a simple example.
  • How to Use Await and Async Keywords Within Catch and Finally Block in C# 6.0Dec 03, 2014. In this article you will learn how to use await and async keywords in catch and finally blocks in C# 6.0.
  • When to use Final, Finally and Finalize Methods in JavaApr 10, 2013. In this article I describe the basic differences among the Final, Finally and Finalize methods in Java.
  • Finally Block in JavaNov 21, 2013. In this article you will learn about the finally block in Java.
  • Try-Catch-Finally in C#Dec 31, 2009. In this article I will explain you about Try-Catch-Finally in C#.
  • Try-Finally in C# Dec 28, 2009. In this article I will explain you about Try-Finally in C#.
  • First Look At ASP.NET Core 2.1 Preview One - Convert Existing .NET Core Application To .NET Core 2.1Mar 07, 2018. Finally, .NET Core 2.1 preview is out for people to try. Two days ago, the .NET team has announced the first preview of .NET Core 2.1. Let us see some of the highlights for this release.
  • Automating SVN Check-Ins And Building A Project Via JenkinsFeb 05, 2018. A few weeks back, while sitting with my team, I learned that they run a Jenkins job which has to execute the automation scripts using the robot framework, daily around 1:00 a.m. The primary purpose of the job is to place all the necessary files and folders over the node machine of Jenkins (after copying them from the machine pointed as master on Jenkins), execute those scripts accordingly, generate the reports, and finally copy the output files back to the master machine to analyze the logs for the overall reporting and analysis purposes. This whole efficient job starts with a slack manual step which was enough to tag this activity 'not fully automated' because they had to place the updated work regularly on the specified path over the master machine before leaving the office (this includes taking the updated code, files, and automation scripts, building the project to take the DLLs etc.). This may sound tedious but more than that, there is no sense to do it manually.
  • How To Debug Minified JS FileJan 05, 2018. Debugging minified JS file is always a tedious task for developers. In day to day development life we end up in a situation where all JS files will be minified and moved into production for deployment. It is usual that some unprecedented JS error comes across browser versions. Being a developer finally it comes to our lap to resolve the issue. To reproduce the same error in a test environment with un-minified JS version doesn’t work out. To resolve this issue requires some kind of hard work which is time consuming.
  • Saving Your Ruby On Rails Application Code To Github.comNov 28, 2017. In this article you will learn git configuration in git bash and git hub repository creation, add new ssh key in git hub and finally add all application files into git hub repository via remotely using with git bash for Ruby on Rails application version controlling.
  • Creating My First ChatBot Using Angular(5.0) And Dialogflow (API.AI)Nov 20, 2017. Anyone who have ever tried to contact company through customer care center they know how slow and frustrating process it is. You remember that audio tape “press 1 for this, press 2 for this ,press * to go back to menu and blaa blaa blaa….“ say for example if you want to activate a simple caller tune to your phone number then you have to spent at least 10 min to know the code to activate that caller tune by hearing that audio tape and pressing so many number and finally if you had a good luck then only you able to activate you caller tune.
  • How To Create Angular App Using Angular CLIAug 14, 2017. Before 1 year, I planned to create simple angular app but at that time i don't have idea about angular cli so i had configure lot of things and faced more issue.I spend 2-3 days to configure angular app and finally done. In this article we will learn how to create Angular app using angular CLI.Angular CLI is just a command line interface help us to create angular app very eaisly within 2 minute.
  • Making The Switch As A Software DeveloperAug 09, 2017. After nearly seven years at my previous position, I've decided to finally make a change. When this post goes live, I'll officially be working for the engineering team at Bay Dynamics, a San Francisco-based Risk Management and Cyber Security firm. I'm extraordinarily excited to get to join the amazing team there and be a part of something much larger than anything I've worked within the past.
  • Exception Handling In C#Oct 04, 2015. In this article, I will show you how to handle exception handling.
  • Design Patterns Simplified - Part 2 (Singleton)Jul 12, 2015. This article explains what Singleton Design Patterns is, addresses common questions and finally illustrates the implementation.
  • C# 6 Features OverviewFeb 10, 2015. This article outlines the new features that have been added to the new C# version 6.0.
  • An Interview Session of Exception Handling: Part 1Dec 24, 2014. In this article you will learn about Exception Handling (try catch, finally and throw).
  • Authentication Using WCF Message Security - 1Jul 28, 2014. In this article we will see how authentication can be done using Windows Authentication over message security, custom username and password authentication over the message security and finally the Mutual X509 authentication over the message security.
  • .NET and Cognos Integration: Send Parameters to Cognos ReportDec 16, 2013. Here I want to explain briefly how to display the report in an IFRAME in ASP.NET, also how to pass the authentication parameters and finally how to pass report filter parameters.
  • Handling Exceptions in JavaScriptOct 18, 2013. This article explains exceptions and how to handle them in JavaScript.
  • Exceptions in PHP5Oct 04, 2013. This article explains the PHP 5 exception statements throw, try and catch.
  • Demystify Garbage Collection in C#: Part 3Aug 17, 2013. Today we will clarify one fundamental idea of Garbage Collection. The idea is that a destructor is nothing but a finally block in C# and the finally block is always used to clean up resources.
  • Date Time Picker in jQuery and JavaScriptAug 07, 2013. I have searching many websites for datetime pickers and have not found anything useful. I finally I found a jQuery and JavaScript Date Time Picker and it is very simple and attractive.
  • How to Set Session Variables With JavaScript and AJAXJun 29, 2013. Hi all, after a long phase of trials, I finally came up with a way to set SESSION variables with JavaScript and AJAX, in other words, without reloading the page.
  • Exception Handling With C#Mar 28, 2013. This article explains how to properly handle existing exceptions using try, catch, finally and throw blocks and how to create your own custom exceptions.
  • Exception Handling in C#Feb 19, 2013. In this article, I discuss what Exception Handlers are in C# and how to trap errors using try/catch blocks and their behavior when we use multiple catch statements to handle errors and finaly, how to create User-Defined exceptions.
  • Animate with Pocket PC in VB.NETNov 10, 2012. This article discusses programming for a Pocket PC in general. If you are lucky enough to get the Smart Devices Extensions you will finally be able to target devices.
  • Printing From a Windows ServiceNov 07, 2012. I got a requirement for printing using a Windows Service. So I searched the internet and found some examples and finally two of them worked for me, So I am posting the working ones here.
  • Checkbox Inside Listbox to Select Multiple Items in Silverlight Using MVVMFeb 01, 2012. When I was working for a project, we had requirements like a list should be displayed in a listview and the user should be able to select items through a checkbox. Since Silverlight doesn't have a Listbox control with a checkbox, we tried many ways to achieve this. Finally we found a way to do it. In the following article, I will explain how we did that.
  • Exception Handling in JAVAJan 31, 2012. In this article you will learn what an exception is and how to handle it in various ways.
  • Describing the Life Cycle of ServletDec 12, 2011. The Life Cycle of a Servlet involves creating an instance of the Servlet, associating the Servlet with initialization information, dispatching request to the servlet instance and finally destroying the servlet instance.
  • Let's Play Around With Main Interrelated Concepts of Delegates in C#Nov 26, 2011. Today, in this article we will dig out and play around by creating simple delegate program and let’s see how better we can perform in this single program only. I mean, in this program I will cover everything all stuff required for delegate from all the possible ways. So I will be covering simple delegate creation, multi-cast delegate, use of named methods, use of anonymous methods, use of lambda expression and finally much better implementation about all of these and generic delegates as well.
  • Proper Usage of Form.AcceptButton and Form.CancelButton Properties in Windows Forms ApplicationsAug 03, 2011. In this article we will first pass from simple to more complex cases which programmers might encounter in practice and then provide a full scale solution to the problem of maintaining AcceptButton and CancelButton properties in form of ready-to-use set of classes. Finally, we will provide an example which demonstrates how simple it is to use these classes.
  • Alarm and Reminder in Windows Phone 7 (Mango)Jul 27, 2011. One of the coolest features in the new Mango (7.1) update is the ability of applications to do background tasks (finally!). Two of the new features brought about by this are the Alarm and Reminder classes.
  • How memory is managed by Stack and HeapFeb 24, 2011. I studied many articles about memory management, but they are all confusing about when memory is allocated in the stack and when memory is allocated in the heap. But I always got confused. But finally, I got exactly what I wanted.
  • Creating a Silverlight Application that inserts data to a database using WCF serviceAug 02, 2010. In this article, I have created a Silverlight application that asks users to enter choices & moves to specific pages depending on the choices. I have shown here how to use merged resource dictionaries. We can also see how to create controls dynamically. Finally, this application consumes a WCF service to store data in the database using LINQ to SQL.
  • WCF Concurrency (Single, Multiple and Reentrant) and ThrottlingJun 27, 2010. In this article we will concentrate on WCF concurrency and throttling. We will first try to understand what are WCF concurrency and the 3 important types of WCF concurrency. We will then see a small sample of WCF concurrency with single and multiple. We will then go through 9 combinations of WCF concurrency and instancing. Finally we will try to understand how to configure throttling using WCF ‘web.config’ file.
  • 6 important uses of Delegates and EventsJun 02, 2010. In this article we will first try to understand what problem delegate solves, we will then create a simple delegate and try to solve the problem. Next we will try to understand the concept of multicast delegates and how events help to encapsulate delegates. Finally we understand the difference between events and delegates and also understand how to do invoke delegates asynchronously.
  • Propagation of Exceptions in C# Jan 02, 2010. In this article I will explain you about Propagation of Exceptions in C#.
  • Exception Statements in C#Dec 24, 2009. In this article I will explain you about Exception Statements in C#.
  • WCF FAQ: Part 5 - TransactionsAug 09, 2009. This is my 5th WCF FAQ article. This article is completely dedicated to WCF transactions. In this article we will understand the WCF transaction protocol, two phases in WCF transaction, transaction options and finally end up with simple sample for WCF transaction.
  • LINQ FAQ Part 2Jul 14, 2009. This FAQ article is dedicated to LINQ to SQL. In this article we will see a basic example of LINQ to SQL, how to define 1-1 and 1-many relationship using LINQ, how we can optimize LINQ queries, execution of stored procedures using LINQ and finally we will see a simple CRUD example using LINQ to SQL. For past some days I was running small sprint to complete this marathon I hope you will like this article.
  • Exception Handling in C#Jul 08, 2009. This article explains you about exceptional handling in C#. How to use try, catch, finally block to handle exception handling
  • Silverlight FAQ part 2 (Animations and Transformations)Jun 23, 2009. This FAQ is completed dedicated to animations and transformations using Silverlight. The tutorial starts with animation basics like timelines and storyboard. Later the article moves ahead to talk about different animations supported and we finally end the tutorial with a simple rectangle animation.
  • SharePoint workflow basicsApr 08, 2009. In this article we will understand the basics of sharepoint workflow , the life cycle of sharepoint work flow and finally we implement a simple work flow using the three-state work flow which is available in share point.
  • Model View Presenter (MVP)Dec 31, 2008. In this article we will understand MVP, execute a sample project with MVP, implement the same using windows UI and then finally we will discuss about the differences between MVP and MVC.
  • Whose Online in ASP.NET 2.0Aug 06, 2007. I had problem in one of the project to show who is onlne & how to track multiple login/prevent from multiple login. I had gone back and forth so many time and finally am here with small snippet of code, I guess eveyone should read this article!
  • DTS Custom Task in C#Jan 28, 2003. During last year I wrote an article about DTS and how to use it in C#. In that article I stated that I didn’t manage to solve the problem related to CustomTask. Today I finally forced myself to tackle that problem again and here is the result. Writing simple CustomTask in C# is the easiest part.
  • From DAO to ADO.NETJan 14, 2003. This article will briefly discuss and show a summary of the evolution of the Microsoft ActiveX Data Objects, it will also explain some database concepts and finally provide some code examples.
  • Animate with Pocket PCApr 29, 2002. If you are lucky enough to get the Smart Devices Extensions you will finally be able to target devices like Pocket PCs using C# however like all good things there are a few snags.
  • Ripple.NET: A Windows Forms DemoApr 25, 2002. Finally, in the OnPaint Event Handler I clear the Form and step through the rippleLIst drawing each of the RippleObjs in it that has a location Point that's not Empty.
  • Exception Handling in C#Jan 03, 2002. In C# Exception is a class in the system namespace. An object of an exception is that describe the exceptional conditions occur in a code That means, we are catching an exception, creating an object of it, and then throwing it. C# supports exceptions in a very much the same way as Java and C++.
  • Advertising on MobileAug 30, 2001. Finally,its possible to advertise on your mobile phones. Mobiles toolkit provides an add rotator control very similiar to the ad rotator control for the Web. This control will disply the Advertisement in the random manner picking from the XML File.
  • ASP.NET and VB.NET Error HandlingAug 24, 2001. ASP.NET and VB.NET both are providing excellent error handling options when compared with ASP and VB6. In VB.NET we can make use of the structured way of error handling with the Try & Catch statement.
  • .NET is the FutureJul 19, 2001. This has been a long time in coming. I couldn't write any more article because of some problems but finally I thought I should talk about the future of .NET. The reason is very simple, I'm getting almost 50 mails a day in my inbox just asking about the future of .NET and the comparison with other technologies. So I'm presenting my own views about the future possibilities of this technology.

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