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  • SystemDataPaths In UWP (Windows 10 Fall Creators Update Features)Oct 31, 2017. This article explains about how to get system , app , user based path information. This SystemDataPaths, UserDataPaths, AppDataPaths class will be supported on Windows 10 Fall creators updated version build or greater and Windows 10 SDK 16999.
  • Programming MethodologiesNov 25, 2013. This article just provides an overview of some programming methodologies and we will see OOP concepts in greater details.
  • Write Precise Java Code With LOMBOKSep 04, 2013. In this article I present a great framework called Lombok that provides an efficient way to write smaller Java code to achieve greater functionality.
  • JavaScript OperatorsOct 19, 2012. Today, we are going to discuss JavaScript-Operators through examples.
  • Solution of the Problem: "TF255146: Team Foundation Server Requires SQL Server 2008 (10.0) or Greater"Sep 16, 2012. This article covers thye solution to the problem: TF255146: Team Foundation Server requires SQL Server 2008 (10.0) or greater.
  • Implementing business rules using customized DataSet objectsMay 15, 2009. Information systems contain and enforce rules about the business they support. A rule is constraint which describes the way how objects are to behave. Field-level validations are checks that pertain to the property values of the underlying business entities. For example, a field must be 50 characters or less in length or some fields are required while other fields are optional as well as some fields must be greater than a specific value.

About greater-than

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