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  • Managed Bean in JavaServer Faces (JSF)Feb 23, 2015. This article describes Managed Beans in JSF.
  • How JavaBeans in Java WorkOct 22, 2013. In this article we discuss working of java bean and form processing in JSP using bean in java. NetBeans IDE is used to for sample examples.
  • Introduction to JavaBeanOct 18, 2013. This article explains Java Beans. The NetBeans IDE is used for the sample examples.
  • Object Copy Using Dozer Framework in JavaSep 09, 2013. This article will provide you the usage of “Dozer” framework to copy a source bean contents to a destination bean.
  • How to Create JavaWeb Application in Netbeans IDEAug 21, 2013. This article explains how to create Java web applications in the Netbeans IDE 7.4
  • New Features of Android 4.2 Jelly BeanJul 19, 2013. In the new features Android 4.2 is improved in lock screen, graphics, internationalization and many more features that improved in that version.
  • Java Bean And Jsp:useBean Action Tag Used In JSP Action ElementsJun 25, 2013. In this article we discuss Java Bean and jsp:useBean action tag used in JSP actions elements.
  • Javax Annotation and Hibernate Validator - A Pragmatic ApproachMay 27, 2013. In this article I will show you the significance of the Hibernate validator and javax annotation in a Java Bean.
  • Java Bean Validation With AnnotationMay 26, 2013. This article describes Java Bean validation with annotation but before going into validation this article provides an outline of the usage of Java annotation in a Java Bean. Using this annotation we can have full control of the validation of the Java Bean.
  • Integrating Java and .Net FrameworkNov 10, 2012. To evaluate the possibilities of Java and .NET framework convergence.The article begins by briefly probing what constitutes the Java platform and .NET framework.
  • Spring Tutorial: Chapter 5Aug 16, 2012. So far we have covered the setting of the expectations of the classes using constructor injection or the setter injections, and we saw how we can set a single bean expectation. If you want to inject a dependency which is a collection then Java Spring lets you do that with collection elements.
  • Spring Tutorial: Chapter 4Aug 09, 2012. Another really useful feature from the Java Spring framework for performing some initialization tasks in your class before the instance of it is ready to be consumed or used by anyone and also cleanup the resources of that class when done using it.
  • Spring Tutorial : Chapter 3Aug 04, 2012. In the third chapter we will look at how to resolve dependencies in your class.
  • Spring Tutorial: Chapter 1Jul 28, 2012. In the first chapter we will look at how to write your first Java Spring based class.
  • Use Plugin in JSPFeb 06, 2012. In this article I am describing an application showing how to use a <jsp:plugin>. It is used to display an object, especially an applet or a Bean on the client browser.
  • Create a Form Page Through JSP Without BeansDec 27, 2011. In this application we create a home page form which is filled in by the user and then the information is sent to the next page.
  • JSP Expression LanguageNov 30, 2011. The JSP expression language allows a page author to access a bean using simple syntax such as $(name). Before JSP 2.0, we could use only a scriptlet, JSP expression, or a custom tag to include server state in the jsp page output.
  • Action Tag: useBean in JSPNov 29, 2011. The <jsp:useBean> action tag is used to instantiate a java bean, or to locate an exisiting bean instance, and assign it to variable name or id. Bean is a reusable component which mostly contains the setter and getter values, we also called it as mutators.
  • Action Tags in JSP Nov 26, 2011. The JSP Action tags are set of some basic tags, such as inserting other page resources, forwarding the request to another page, creating and locating the JavaBeans instances, and setting and retrieving bean properties, in JSP pages.
  • Using star to call all setter methods of Java BeanOct 12, 2011. In this article we will learn how to use asterisk (*) to call all setter methods of a java bean. Before going forward we should know what a java bean is.
  • Enterprise Java Bean(EJB)Oct 06, 2011. Here you will learn about the Enterprise java bean(EJB), it is a technology to create deployable business component.
  • Creating a form based application in StrutsOct 03, 2011. Here you will see how to create a form based application in Struts.
  • Creation of a Java Bean And How it is Used in Java Server PagesJul 29, 2011. Here you will see how to create a Java bean and how it is used in Java Server Pages (JSP)
  • J2EE to .NET Migration: Quick TipsMar 26, 2003. Here are some Quick tips to get you started, in case you need to migrate a J2EE based application to a .NET based application.

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