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  • Use Of Pointers In C#Oct 19, 2015. In this article you will learn about the usage of Pointers in C#.
  • Various Kinds of Mouse Pointers For HTML ControlsMar 18, 2015. This article explains how to use various mouse pointers in HTML.
  • Unsafe Coding: Pointers in .NETNov 05, 2014. In this article you will learn one of the advanced concepts of the pointer implementation under the CLR context.
  • How to Prevent Changing Mouse Pointers in Windows 8May 09, 2012. In this article I will describe how to prevent the changing of the Mouse Pointer in Windows 8.
  • Using Pointers in C#Oct 02, 2007. This article explains the concept of pointers and how you implement them in C# should you need to.
  • Writing unsafe code - pointers in C#Oct 13, 2004. In this article I will give a short description of one of the feature of C# which are pointers and so-called unsafe code. This subject is particularly close for C++ programmers. Moreover, it is a feature that we do not find in Java.
  • Creating Google Maps AutoComplete DropDown With Multiple Map PointersMar 03, 2017. Using this method, you can implement complete Google Maps implementation.This code is written in AngularJS and MVC , but you can use in pure JavaScript also.
  • Pointers And Unsafe Code In C# - Everything You Need To KnowSep 23, 2016. In this article, you will learn about pointers and unsafe code in C#.
  • Pointers And Unsafe CodeMay 05, 2016. In this article you will learn about Pointers and Unsafe Code in C#.
  • Pointers in C LanguageJun 04, 2015. In this article you will learn about pointers in the C language.
  • Introduction to C Pointers: BasicJan 21, 2014. This article describes how to work with pointers in C.
  • Pointers in C#Oct 25, 2001. C# also supports pointers in a limited extent. A pointer is nothing but a variable that holds the memory address of another type. But in C# pointer can only be declared to hold the memory address of value types and arrays.
  • Data Structures In Java - Linear ArrayAug 10, 2017. Data structure means organizing the data by using models in the computer memory. A linear data structure that represents a relationship between elements by successive memory location is known as the array, where as a linear data structure that represents a relationship between elements by pointer and link is known as linked list.
  • Fast Image Processing In C#May 03, 2016. In this article you will learn how to Improve image processing speed by accessing the raw memory of bitmap data via pointers.
  • C++ Refresher - Part FourMar 03, 2016. In this article you will learn about using pointers with functions, pointers and arrays, pointers to structures, and pointer arithmetic.
  • Customizing Mouse Pointer In Windows 10Feb 10, 2016. In this article you will learn how to customize Mouse Pointer in Windows 10.
  • Spinning Image When Mouse Pointer on Button in WPFApr 14, 2015. In this article we will learn how to spin an image in a WPFapplication on MouseEnter or MouseLeave event.
  • Introduction To C LanguageMar 05, 2015. In this article you will learn about the C language.
  • Windows Phone 8.1: Gesture Support With GestureRecognizer Class (C# XAML)Jan 28, 2015. This article explains how to programmatically handle gestures in WindowsPhone Store 8.1 applications.
  • Positioning Caret in TextboxApr 07, 2014. This article explains how to position a caret in text using code.
  • Move ToolTip Along With Mouse PointerFeb 25, 2014. This article explains how to move a ToolTip along with the Mouse Pointer.
  • Mouse/Pointer Events in AngularJSDec 28, 2013. This article explains how Mouse/Pointer Events work in AngularJS.
  • Simple Delegates With Examples in C#Mar 15, 2013. Here, you will see delegates with examples in C#. Delegates are similar to C++ function pointers, but are type safe. Delegates allow methods to be passed as parameters. Delegates can be used to define callback methods.
  • Pointer Input Events in Windows Store Apps Using XAMLNov 20, 2012. In this article I will show you the use of Pointer events in Windows Store Apps using XAML.
  • Pointer Events in Windows Store Apps Using C#Nov 17, 2012. In this article I show the uses of pointer events such as Pointer Entered and Pointer Existed and how to associate these with the mouse pointer in Windows Store Apps using XAML and C#.
  • Event Handling in VB.NETNov 10, 2012. Events in the .NET Framework are based on the delegate model. Delegates are type-safe Function Pointers or Callbacks. A delegate can reference both static and instance methods.
  • Re-Enable the Mouse Pointer Drop Shadow in Windows 8Sep 03, 2012. This article describes how to re-enable the mouse pointer drop shadow effect in Windows 8.
  • Working With Spinning Points in HTML 5Feb 19, 2012. In this article we are going to have a very interesting section related to designing. In this the pointer has a radius of 60 and appears to spin while you run the application in the browser.
  • Linear Pointer Changing Various Effect Using HTML5Feb 18, 2012. In this article we are going to understand a topic related to the designing; the scenario for this is Linear Pointer changing various effect. In this part you can select from various options and as you press the action button the pointer begins moving along dedicated points.
  • RoundAbout With Colors Using HTML 5Feb 08, 2012. In this article we are going to understand the roundabout using HTML 5. The application works as the animated cursor that changes position and also changes the color of the pointer that is sliding when you click on any of the circle.
  • Concept of a Delegate in C#Nov 12, 2011. An interesting and useful property of a delegate is that it does not know or care about the class of the object that it references. Any object will do; all that matters is that the method's argument types and return type match the delegate's
  • Delegates And Async ProgrammingJul 21, 2011. The .Net delegate type is essentially a type-safe, object oriented, function pointer.
  • ToolTip in Windows ApplicationJan 20, 2011. Using the ToolTip class, you can provide hints to a user when the user places the pointer on a control. The ToolTip class is typically used to alert users to the intended use of a control.
  • Delegates and Events in C#Nov 25, 2009. In this article I will explain about Delegates and Events in C#.
  • Creating a Stack-Based ArrayOct 08, 2009. - Learn how to create high-performance stack-based short-lived arrays. - Learn how to work with array pointers. - Learn how to copy arrays many times faster.
  • Writing C# 2.0 Unsafe CodeFeb 23, 2006. We will see that C# allows suspending the verification of code by the CLR to allow developers to directly access memory using pointers.
  • C# Heap(ing) Vs Stack(ing) in .NET: Part IJan 14, 2006. Even though with the .NET framework we don't have to actively worry about memory management and garbage collection (GC), we still have to keep memory management and GC in mind in order to optimize the performance of our applications.
  • Learning Delegates in C#, an IntroductionJan 03, 2006. There is this thing in C# called a delegate, which is going to be crucial to build interactions between our objects. What’s a delegate, you ask? Good question. A delegate is a pointer to a method. What’s that mean? Just like you can pass variable by reference, you can pass a reference to a method. Let me give you an example.
  • Delegates and Events in C#Oct 05, 2005. A delegate in C# is similar to a function pointer in C or C++. Using a delegate allows the programmer to encapsulate a reference to a method inside a delegate object.
  • Understanding Delegates in C#Sep 15, 2005. Delegate is type which holds the method(s) reference in an object. It is also reffered as a type safe function pointers.
  • Iterations and Performance in .NETApr 15, 2003. I’ve been implementing numerical libraries in .NET and have come to some conclusions about iteration performance.
  • Comparison of C# with Java: A Developer PerspectiveMay 29, 2002. The .NET is a language and operating system (on Windows as of now) independent platform pretty similar to Java.
  • Simple Sniffer in C#Dec 03, 2001. This program shows you how to retrieve data from a packet using Sockets.
  • Exploring delegates in C#Oct 30, 2001. Delegates are a kind of type safe function pointers which are actually declared as class derived from System.MulticastDelegate.
  • XML Strengths and Weaknesses with DOM, ASP, and XSLApr 30, 2001. In this article we're going to take a look at some of the terminology that comes with using XML and its related technologies, as well as how to create and transform XML documents with XSL using Microsoft's MSXML parser. To test the code samples shown in this article you should be running Windows NT/2000/XP with IIS installed. You should also have SQL server 2000 installed on the same machine.
  • Implementing Delegates in C# : Part 2Feb 13, 2001. This is second part of Timothy's Delegates in C# series...

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