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  • Agile Story Point Estimation Techniques - T-Shirt SizingNov 24, 2017. In this article, we will learn Story Point Estimation using T-Shirt Sizing Technique. In my previous articles, we have discussed Agile Story Point Estimation and Agile Story Point Estimation Techniques - Planning Poker In this article, we will learn Story Point Estimation using T-Shirt Size Technique.
  • Agile Story Point Estimation Techniques - Planning PokerNov 13, 2017. In this article, we will learn how to estimate an Agile story point using Planning Poker.
  • WP7 - License to Print Money (Creating an App for the Windows Phone Marketplace)Feb 07, 2011. Windows 7 Phone has hit the marketplace with a splash and with it applications emerging every day. As a Silverlight developer myself, I have gone through the process of submitting a dice game to the Zune Marketplace. This article shares my experience and advice on creating and submitting your first Windows Phone app.
  • Cartesian Products and Permutations of Groups Using C# Generic IteratorsOct 09, 2007. Many problems we run into as developers deal with slicing and dicing groups of objects. In this article I'll cover building a library of utility methods using C# object enumerators to perform group permutations and find Cartesian products of groups.
  • C# Video PokerApr 14, 2003. This Video Poker game is an imitation of a casino Video Poker machine. It is written using Windows Forms.
  • Mark Six on the FlyDec 04, 2001. In this sample, I demonstrate how a WebForm can be called directly as an Image.
  • Yahtzee Program using C#Jan 24, 2000. The Visual C# environment has given the programmer the ability to create applications in RAD mode without the steep learning curve for the C++ programmer. (I do miss templates though!). The above application, yahtzee, is based on a popular poker-like dice game.

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