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  • Azure Mobile Services: Creating Development and Production EnvironmentsDec 21, 2014. The purpose of this article is to show how to create development and production environments for a .Net Backend from Azure Mobile Services.
  • Debugging SharePoint in Production EnvironmentDec 03, 2012. I don't remember the number of time I have heard this phrase and at one point in time spoken myself - this is not reproducible on my machine or it works in UAT but not in production.
  • Windows Azure - SWAP VIP of Azure Application From Staging to Production And Vice VersaJul 14, 2011. In this article we are going to see how to swap a deployed Azure Application from Staging to Production and Vice Versa using the Windows Azure Management Portal.
  • Deploying ASP.NET 2 Web Site to Production Server: Part IIApr 10, 2006. On the first part we discussed in detail how to move our database which contains the membership tables from the default aspnetdb Database to our database. On this part we will show how to change the default settings of asp.net membership and role providers to read from tables which stored on our database.
  • Deploying ASP.Net 2.0 Web site to Production Server: Part IApr 03, 2006. Deploying ASP.NET 2.0 web site is the first issue facing the developer. This part of the article gives you a step by step to how to move membership tables from MS SQL express Edition to your database that you are used on your web site. The second part we will go in details to configure our asp.net web site.
  • Docker In ProductionSep 29, 2016. In this article, you will learn about Docker in production.
  • Windows Azure - Moving Staging Deployment to ProductionOct 20, 2011. In this article we can explore how things are moved fro staging to production.
  • Database Installer For ProductionJul 14, 2011. This article explains how to install a database to production and build a tool to do so.
  • How To Force The Browser To Reload Cached .JS, .CSS Files To Reflect The Latest Changes To Those FilesMar 09, 2018. Whenever we do some modification to the existing .js, .css files and move them to a production environment, those changes may not get reflected in the browser of customer who is using our software.
  • Azure WebApp - Rollback Your Deployment Using Deployment SlotJan 29, 2018. We generally find issues in our deployed application while it is in production. This is a really awkward situation in the development cycle. It is also painful for the customer. I am going to discuss the solution to this issue in this article.
  • Azure VM Migration Between SubscriptionsJan 29, 2018. Azure VM migration between the subscriptions is quite easy. Some of the organizations will have dedicated subscriptions for testing\POC of new applications. Once these applications are validated successfully, the IT administrators might need to move these VM & dependent Azure resources to the production subscription. Azure portal provides a very convenient option to migrate the resources between different subscriptions. The following steps help with the steps to migrate the resources from one subscription to another.
  • How To Debug Minified JS FileJan 05, 2018. Debugging minified JS file is always a tedious task for developers. In day to day development life we end up in a situation where all JS files will be minified and moved into production for deployment. It is usual that some unprecedented JS error comes across browser versions. Being a developer finally it comes to our lap to resolve the issue. To reproduce the same error in a test environment with un-minified JS version doesn’t work out. To resolve this issue requires some kind of hard work which is time consuming.
  • What And How Of Requirement Gathering - Part TwoDec 27, 2017. Prototyping allows gathering information by faking the production environment. In this technique, quite a lot of tools can be used to collect information, such as software programs to monitor/record mouse clicks or keystrokes, camera to monitor visual activity.
  • ASP.NET Core 2.0 Secret ManagerNov 22, 2017. I discussed in the previous post how configuration settings can be stored in configuration files. However, these files are checked in the source control and not suitable to store confidential settings. In a production environment these settings can be stored in environment variables or Azure Key Vault however, for development ASP.NET Core provides an alternate solution: Secret Manager.
  • Configure Application Insight For .NET Core 2.0Nov 16, 2017. We developers work hard to write code, but these QA guys find bugs in our code. We don’t have any choice but to find and fix the bug ASAP. After all this hard work we push everything to production, then new questions from people arise like why is this page slow? why is this operation taking time? why this and that? To answer these questions, we need proper logging mechanism to identify and takes hours of coding and analysis. What if we have a mechanism to track this with less hours of code to analyse and more time on fix. Application insights come to picture to solve our logging work with best analysis tools.
  • Automating Code Deployment With Azure And GitHubNov 13, 2017. In this article you will learn about how to use ‘App Services’ and exploit Github’s source code management functionalities and version control in order to automate the deployment of your software and maintain a record of prior changes in order to mitigate extra effort in pushing to production.
  • Azure App Service - Deployment SlotOct 08, 2017. Azure makes it easy, to create deployment slots for App Services. It’s available in the Standard or Premium App Service plan mode. Deployment slots are actually live apps with their own hostnames. App content and configurations elements can be swapped between two deployment slots, including the production slot.
  • ASP.NET Core 2.0 Error PagesSep 29, 2017. Starting from an empty project, created in a previous post, amend the Configure() method of Startup class to use middleware needed for error handling. Below I’ve used a custom middleware (defined as lambda) to handle production exceptions.
  • SharePoint 2016/2013 - Exploring Client Side People Picker ControlSep 26, 2017. In this demo, I will be discussing the implementation details of the Client Side People Picker Control in Production Scenarios.
  • Getting Started With Microsoft Azure Machine Learning - Part OneAug 19, 2017. It’s a data modeling environment from which we can get an end-to-end approach to a problem to an answer. Use Azure Machine Learning to deploy your model into production as a web service in minutes—a web service that can be called from any device, anywhere and that can use any data source.
  • Passing Data To AWS Lambda Function And Invoking It Using AWS CLIAug 09, 2017. In previous article, we learnt about AWS lambda structure and how a lambda function can be invoked. Before we go further, there are couple of things which are very important to consider while doing local development and production deployment.
  • Agile Principles That Apply To DevOpsJul 31, 2017. DevOps is a “culture”, where development, test, and operations work together in a collaborative manner to automate delivery of quality software. DevOps culture develops “production-first mindset”. I.e. applying DevOps ensures that your code is always ready to be deployed to production.
  • How To Create A List/Library Programmatically In SharePoint 2013Jul 13, 2017. We need to install Visual Studio in our machine for creating a list using SharePoint Server Object Model. The Server Object Model will be executed in the server side & it provides a rich set of classes in representing & manipulating SharePoint objects. Server object model is like production server environment to access the data where Sharepoint is installed on the machine.
  • Chat Bot Using Microsoft Bot Framework With LUIS - Part TwoJul 08, 2017. Click on ‘Publish App’ option in left hand side bar menu. It will show following page. Here you can choose Endpoint Key. Select purchased key. If you have not purchased any key then select Bootstrap key, which is for experimental purposes. In ‘Publish Settings’, you can select Endpoint slots as Staging or Production. If you select it as Staging, it will be available over http but you can’t access it though chat bot app. For our development select it as Production.
  • Azure Cloud Service - VIP Swap Using Azure Management PortalSep 08, 2016. In this article, we will learn how to implement VIP Swapping of Production and Staging slots in Azure Cloud Service, using Azure Management Portal.
  • MVC Rotativa PDF IIS Server ErrorMay 10, 2016. This article explains a common bug, when we try to upload our website in production server while using the Rotativa dll.
  • Binary Cracking and Byte Patching With IDA ProNov 19, 2014. This article explains one of the amazing tactics of patching the binary code and the production of a new executable file using IDA Pro.
  • Getting Started With Unit Testing Using NUnit : Part 1Sep 10, 2013. Unit Testing is essential part of any production code. We can see rise of Test Driven Development (TDD) approach in many development projects.
  • Basics of Colors in XAML SilverlightApr 22, 2011. In this article, you will learn the very basics of color and how to produce colors in different formats.
  • SQL Server Schema Comparison in Visual Studio 2010Mar 05, 2011. This article explains the new tool in visual studio 2010 which most of the users require seeing the comparison report of the 2 different database schema (say a development and a production db) in order to get the object that has been changed for the current releases.
  • Debugging, Tracing and Instrumentation in .NET and ASP.NET (14 FAQ)Jan 28, 2011. Diagnosing a software application is an art and this art has to be more skillful when in production. In the development environment you have the complete VS IDE tool so diagnosing is much easier. In a production environment as a best practice you do not install Visual Studio IDE. So in production it’s like fighting with a Lion without a knife.
  • VS 2010 Deployment (Package, One click deploy and Web.config transformation)Aug 24, 2010. In this article we will discuss about 3 important features provided by VS 2010 to ease our deployment task on production and other environment. We will first start with understanding problems with deployment and then move ahead by creating packages , one click deploy and web.config transformation.
  • 4 Steps to Enable Instrumentation in WCF Mar 14, 2010. Many times we would like to monitor events of WCF application in production environment. We would like to monitor events like errors, security audits, performance etc. This can be achieved by extending the ASP.NET health monitoring system in WCF. The health monitoring system is also termed as instrumentation.
  • Calling COBOL from C#Jul 28, 2009. There is a lot of COBOL code in production around the world. Rewriting that code into another langugage just to change the language makes little sense and introduces a high level of risk. Instead of changing the COBOL code that has been working and doing it's job for quite a while, why not interact with it using C#? This article shows how to utilize C# to call both procedural and object oriented COBOL.
  • Multi-threaded Asynchronous Programming in C#. Async Database Calls. Part III.May 14, 2007. In my last couple articles we looked at basic ways to have long-running i/o bound process be handled by the ThreadPool using the asynchronous programming model. In this article we’ll take a look at coding async calls against SqlServer which really comes in handy in production environments where our database is on another machine.
  • Detecting File Changes using FileSystemWatcherMar 20, 2007. This article is about detecting file changes like file renaming, file creation, deletion and changes in a folder using FileSystemWatcher class.
  • How to generate unique integer IDs across multiple systemsNov 30, 2004. This article show to generate unique integers across environments. Generally repeating IDs in different environments are not a problem, but once in a while you need to migrate something from dev to staging, or from staging to production.
  • Debugging a Compiled ComponentFeb 02, 2004. After an assembly is compiled into a dll in a release mode, it is very difficult to gather information from it such as runtime performance, parameters values, etc.

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