About ADO
ADO stand for ( ActiveX Data Objects ) and it is a collection of software components providing a programmatic interface to access the data sources from client applications. It is the core part of .Net Applications ADO. ADO acts as a layer to access any data store in a generic way from the application code. It eliminates the need to possess the knowledge of database implementation and reduces the complexity of dealing with the low level code needed to handle the data. ADO uses an OLEDB provider for connecting to the data sources and accessing data. OLEDB is a component based programmatic interface provided to interact with different data sources. ADO is an Object Oriented programming interface and also part of an overall data access strategy from Microsoft called Universal Data Access. Microsoft says that rather than trying to build a universal database as IBM and Oracle have suggested, finding a way to provide universal access to various kinds of existing and future databases is a more practical solution. In order for this to work, Microsoft and other database companies provide a "bridge" program between the database and Microsoft's OLE DB, the low-level interface to databases.
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