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  • Learning the Basics of Delegates in C#12/6/2011 12:12:12 AM. Delegates are a type that reference a Method. When it is assigned by a method it behaves exactly the same as that method. It can be used as parameters and can be returned as a value. So it has same what are the methods have.
  • A Strategy for Using Delegates in C#8/29/2007 9:43:56 AM. In a recent article comment I was asked for a sample of how to use a delegate and so I wanted to put together a sample of how we can use delegates in order to implement a strategy pattern in a way that requires much less code that is easier to maintain than when approaching the same solution deriving sub classes using an OOP implementation.
  • Learning Delegates in C#, an Introduction6/11/2007 10:21:43 AM. There is this thing in C# called a delegate, which is going to be crucial to build interactions between our objects. What’s a delegate, you ask? Good question. A delegate is a pointer to a method. What’s that mean? Just like you can pass variable by reference, you can pass a reference to a method. Let me give you an example.
  • Exploring delegates in C#6/5/2007 7:12:51 AM. Delegates are a kind of type safe function pointers which are actually declared as class derived from System.MulticastDelegate.
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