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CSS stand for ( Cascading Style Sheet ) but CSS3 is cascading piece of paper which is used for concerning the data with a joined hypertext markup language document display. CSS3 have additional options and features than previous CSS versions. Additionally to further graphics functions, CSS3 permits, to pick out additional hypertext markup language tags and outline however they're displayed on an online browser. CSS3 standard structure permits a gradual un-harness of recent options, and lets browsers update piecemeal to support the most recent definitions. CSS3 Animation is The most innovative feature of the CSS3. Whenever CSS3 Animation is not supported by the all major browsers but it best suits for reducing the external plug-in affords.CSS3 is completely backwards compatible and we can't change existing designs. Browsers will always support CSS2. CSS3 is split up into "modules". The old specification has been split into smaller pieces, and new ones have been also added.

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